Aline Carvalho

From: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Hi! My name is Aline and I live in Rio de Janeiro, the city I was born in.

I’m a Production Engineer. And I work as “Organisational Development and IT General Manager” at one of the leading private shipping companies in Brazil.

I always say that I have a philosopher’s mind, and I like it. I think too much and about too many things! Psychology and philosophy are my main reading interests.

I’m known as a person that trains (swimming, cycling, running) a lot. My friends call me “Bruta”, which means “brave” in Portuguese. Training gives me the time to organise my ideas and think about life and myself. It’s also my tool to

  1. work on being a better person.
  2. get in touch with amazing people that only sport can connect.
  3. connect with people and nature in the deepest and magical way; full of endorphins.

I’ve been feeling, for some time, that something is missing in my life. I feel the need to heop people. Not only giving them financial support, but also helping them to believe that they can do it, by themselves.

I got in touch with Unogwaja because I believe this is the answer to my need to help others in a sustainable way.

Unogwaja is the best way to address the aim for helping people, bringing out the best in others. Although I know it’s impossible not to create expectations, I always do my best in order not to create any high expectations. 


Aline is also a proud member of the Red Love Train.

Donations by Aline Carvalho in 2018

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08 Sep 2017GO ALINER1000Go Aline! All we need is love!
19 Sep 2017 Anonymous R200 -
21 Sep 2017Nato AmaralR1100@natocomradesAline, Bruta, Fiapa, you rock, my friend! Keep inspiring people and changing the World! And enjoy the ride.