André Costa

From: Manaus, Amazonas, Brasil

The help and assistance this great initiative gives institutions and schools is the reason I want to be a part of it. I saw the Unogwaja Challenge through videos of Nato Amaral and I became even more aware of the need for the event and the needs of the cause. To see the joy of all those children, seeing everyone using the red socks brought me a lot of emotion.

Before discovering Unogwaja, I started a project in my city, Anjo Corredor (Runner Angel). Runners donated shirts and running shoes, that they no longer used, to be donated to those less fortunate. I got many shirts and sneakers, and I was able to donate everything to two institutions that already work with children and adults in need.

It was very gratifying. When I came across the Red Love Train I told myself “I need to participate in this project, it’s just fantastic.”

About Me:

Today I work as a civil servant. My family is stable, my father is retired and my sister is also a civil servant.

I’ve been running for 9 years, I have done the Ironman Brazil on two occasions, and last year I completed my first Comrades Marathon in 9:21h


Donations by André Costa in 2018

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19 Sep 2017 Anonymous R200 -
02 Nov 2017Nato AmaralR1100@natocomradesHey Andre, I am sure you will show to the World that your heart is as big as the Amazon! Keep inspiring people wherever you are and always remember how special it will be for you in particular running the Comrades in June 10th, 2018. Enjoy the ride, brother!
11 Jan 2018Tortas e Tortas, Dodo Veic, AguaCrimR5770this is our contribution for this incredible challenge André Costa. Have a nice experience.
30 Jan 2018Dodó Veic. Tortas e Tortas, DermeMais, Integrata, Alta Estação TurismoR17930Great Journey
17 Apr 2018 Anonymous R3350 -
27 Apr 2018 Anonymous R21700 -