Andrew Christie

Age: 28
From: Kampala, Uganda

This is not an event. And we are not event organisers

I’d say John’s vision for Unogwaja is more of a movement than a single event linked to the comrades each year. Having kept up with and contributed to the Unogwaja challenge over the past 2 years I think it is quite apparent that Unogwaja is a platform to share positivity and hope in South Africa. From the start I have always known that Unogwaja is a journey I need to be a part of.

We all know we live in a wonderful country and we all have ideas of doing some good in this world. Too often we get caught up with our busy lives and we end up not making time. This is my story- I have great aspirations and many things I want to do- but seldom act on these. I’d like to “rattle my cage” in 2017! Unogwaja will help this cause and I believe un-earth some hidden potential within myself at the same time.

How do you think you will deal with adversity or things that don’t meet with your expectations?

I’d say I’m fairly adaptable and open minded to change and difficulty. I’ve had the incredible opportunity of working in six different African countries over the past 4 years. This is an environment where your expectations need to continuously evolve and you quickly learn that success is all about your attitude. I’ve been exposed to a great deal and learned the “tricks of the (African) trade” as far as the need to be “resourceful” goes. I can quite honestly say I am passionate about this continent we live on and recognise it’s potential- something i want remain apart of.

Why I am ready for The Unogwaja Challenge 2017:

I’ve always been a very sporty person. We are incredibly fortunate in South Africa with the wide variety of trail, mountain bike and adventure races that we boast. Being outside of South Africa, taking part in these events has been one of the things I’ve missed most. Not only the actual physicality of the events but the commradrie and experience which goes with them. I have however managed to get back to East London each year and will take part in my 5th consecutive Ironman 70.3 challenge next year.

I’ve labelled 2017 as my race year. I’ve been planning to take part in some of South Africa’s endurance races with the Full Ironman and Comrades high on my racing “to do list.” Returning to South Africa and having more free time on my hands will allow me to get properly fit and tick off a few of my bucket list items in 2017.

Date Donated By Amount Twitter Account Comment
13 Sep 2016 Anonymous R100 -
05 Oct 2016Dennis HaywoodR250
18 Nov 2016Melanie ChristieR2000Way to go Andrew and your team. Awesome Endeavor; Awesome cause
07 Dec 2016R1000Application Donation
12 Dec 2016R3500
09 Jan 2017R2500Red Socks
09 Jan 2017Angelo VeeranR300
09 Jan 2017Charl van HeerdenR300
10 Jan 2017Garth LawlessR500Go you good thing!
10 Jan 2017Neil BothmaR300
10 Jan 2017Duane EdwardsR500
10 Jan 2017Russel OlivierR100
17 Jan 2017Brandworx GroupR3500Good Luck Andrew
17 Jan 2017Military Veteran AssociationR1500
17 Jan 2017The MOTH ClubR1600
19 Jan 2017Tamzin NelR200femmegypsyEeeek! What an awesome endeavour :)
22 Jan 2017BettinaR500Ubenemini emnandi!
30 Jan 2017Leigh OosthuizenR1000You're incredible, mwah
06 Feb 2017Eben de JonghR500
06 Feb 2017R ErasmusR1000
09 Feb 2017R800Red Sock Sales
15 Feb 2017Crawford Prep SchoolR2500
15 Feb 2017Shirly GreyR300
15 Feb 2017Tim DimechR150
27 Feb 2017R600Red Sock Sales
05 Mar 2017Natalie van Ginkel R200Wishing you the best of luck Andrew!! Love Nats and Ant
05 Mar 2017 Anonymous R200 -
10 Mar 2017Phobians Running ClubR1100
10 Mar 2017Stewart LeithR1200
10 Mar 2017Fiona SimpsonR1000
13 Mar 2017R800Red Sock sales
28 Mar 2017BrandWorxR500
28 Mar 2017The Du Plessis'R500
28 Mar 2017Robbie and Nicole GienR200
29 Mar 2017Nicole Simpson R1000Good Luck! Such an incredible thing to take on! X
25 Apr 2017Candice ChristieR1000
25 Apr 2017Michelle and PhillipR200
25 Apr 2017Malcolm and Carika OdendaalR500
25 Apr 2017Hein le Hanie R500
25 Apr 2017Herman & Hester HavengaR2000All the best for you guys, make the change
25 Apr 2017Phillip PearceR2000
28 Apr 2017 Anonymous R1000 -
01 May 2017Ladies Prayer GroupR1000Our prayers and blessings for your journey
02 May 2017Kelly and BrandonR800
02 May 2017Michelle RodriguesR1000
08 May 2017Mike and KateR1000
08 May 2017Street Capital- Gary, Brandon & JamesR2500
11 May 2017Nick FerreiraR500
11 May 2017Laura & Richard StanfordR1000
11 May 2017Andrew PurdonR200
11 May 2017Roddy WallaceR200Superb cause and event, all the best from the Wallaces
15 May 2017Phobians Running ClubR1100Phobians Running Club- Comrades Dinner
15 May 2017Martin and Janine R500Your energy is inspiring - stay as humble and courageous as you are!!!!!!
16 May 2017Kyriacos FloudiotisR200
16 May 2017ruaan van rulerR3000Sorry it took so long. :p Go rock it Cruiser! Pain is for the weak! *crushes beercan on forehead*
16 May 2017Waterkloof House Preparatory SchoolR7000Good Luck Andrew
24 May 2017John SimpsonR600Good luck Andrew
01 Jun 2017WiseyR420A donation from an incredible family. This is nearly R5,000 split evenly between you all. It is important to split this amount evenly between each of you, because each of you as a team have inspired this donation. The family donating are Rich and Kylie and their two daughters from Australia, they have avidly followed the story of Unogwaja over the last three years and given over R25,000 to date. It is a testament to Unogwaja 2017's ability to inspire. Keep charging legends!!
12 Jun 2017R29000Rugby Jersey Auction
12 Jun 2017R5000Zwakala Weekend Auction