Andy Steele

From: Brisbane, Australia

Unogwaja is a movement powered by a group of fortunate people who can empower the less fortunate and support education through The Unogwaja Charitable Trust.

Unogwaja is a challenge by a group of individuals who become part of the Unogwaja Family/Team for life. As members of the Unogwaja team we will empower others to change their lives and become part of the Unogwaja movement.

About Andy:

My wife, Christine, and I have been married for 36 years and we have 4 independent, adult children (2 working overseas and 2 working away from Brisbane). Christine has and always will fully support and encourage me.

I’ve completed several marathons, ultra marathons (including finishes in Comrades 2011, 2012 & 2015) and a multi day cycling event. I’ve been doing 2-3 bike sessions at a bike training studio with a coach doing high intensity, hill climbing and strength sessions. I’m also riding with a group on Saturdays up to 100kms and I’ve continued with some running.

I was the 4.15 pace runner at Gold Coast marathon in early July. Later in the year I will run the Chicago marathon which I’ll use as my Comrades qualifier. I’ve entered the Kepler Challenge on 1 December which is a 65km trail run in NZ.

Donations by Andy Steele in 2018

Date Donated By Amount Twitter Account Comment
10 Sep 2017 Anonymous R1000 - A great cause mate, go you Kiwi!
19 Sep 2017 Anonymous R200 -
07 Dec 2017Peter BrookR1000
09 Dec 2017Emma Hossack & Rob KellyR1030+61422152999
09 Dec 2017Guy & Anja RobertsR3100+61422152999Good luck. Awesome effort mate!
11 Dec 2017Commonwealth Bank of AustraliaR9582.10
17 Dec 2017Christine Cuthbert-SteeleR700Happy Christmas my darling husband!
22 Dec 2017Ride Inside BrisbaneR500Great effort Andy!
28 Dec 2017Michael & Lara FordR1000Wishing you all the best for the rest of your training and for the challenge itself. Very inspiring Andy....Sterkte Boet...
31 Dec 2017Jonno SteeleR300A Very Happy Christmas Dad
01 Jan 2018Brian HennessyR1000Well done and best of luck Andy
23 Jan 2018Astute Finance WilstonR3000Well done Andy you champion
25 Jan 2018Myraim GoldmanR500
30 Jan 2018Nick & Sarah R970I told you Andy this would be an amazing journey and for a great cause!
07 Feb 2018Rose Jones and Mark Gilmour R1200We have no doubt you'll succeed, no matter how hard this may be.
11 Feb 2018Michael HansenR500Great stuff Andy !!!
20 Feb 2018 Anonymous R900 - Claude says "Excellent work....bring it on!"
13 Mar 2018 Anonymous R2000 -
13 Mar 2018Patricia GriffinR5000Andy, if guts and determination are the prerequisites, you have this in the bag. The legend continues.
13 Mar 2018PETERR300Enjoy the challenge
14 Mar 2018Katie & Mark KellyR750Well done Andy . All the best with your Unogwaja Challenge
17 Mar 2018sue hudsonR330Good Luck Andy!!
20 Mar 2018Steve and Maria BakkerR500Amazing Andy! Best wishes!
22 Mar 2018Claire and Bill WalkerR500GOODLUCK Andy????????
24 Mar 2018Robin GrundyR300Go Andy, Mr Awesome
25 Mar 2018Hiroko and Stuart R500
27 Mar 2018Tony MiskinR700Great to support Andy Steele and the Unogwaja Challenge team 2018
29 Mar 2018GlenR500MasterGuruDo us proud A-Team !! Hope the pink bike makes it through :-)
29 Mar 2018Bernie HillsR500Awesome effort Andy!
29 Mar 2018David FitnessR500Love your passion Andy... God bless your efforts mate!!
31 Mar 2018David CrawfordR900Good on you Andy, awesome effort for an awesome cause!
04 Apr 2018Peter & Diana McKenzieR500Andy, what a great challenge you have undertaken! All the best mate.
06 Apr 2018 Anonymous R1000 -
08 Apr 2018Laura & JuliaR500Living legend Andy!
12 Apr 2018Steel BeveridgeR250Great to support the Unogwaja fundraising and this amazing journey. Take care Andy
16 Apr 2018Andy SteeleR500Good luck Andy!
18 Apr 2018Rick, Peta and CubaR900So impressed with your training Andy and we look forward to hearing all about your adventure!
19 Apr 2018Mal DraperR1000Awesome effort Andy and a great cause. Good luck and take care mate
20 Apr 2018Lauchlan MooreR1000
23 Apr 2018Neil RossR1000Best Wishes Andy.
27 Apr 2018Doug & Sharyn BlanchfieldR1000We're very happy to support such a great cause. Have a great time on your journey
27 Apr 2018Paul Joseph GlennonR700Go Andy
01 May 2018Darrell JardineR2000A great cause Andy. I hope you enjoy the experience.
02 May 2018Simon SmithR500Go well Andy!!
13 May 2018Sonia KirbyR462Andy you are simply awesome - love your work. Enjoy the adventure.
14 May 2018Wendy CuthbertR500Best wishes for you amazing journey in South Africa. What a brave and empowering challenge
16 May 2018GuiseppeR500All the very best mate. It's been great to train with you at RideInside
18 May 2018Nick NicolauR1000All the best Andy on this amazing Unogwaja Challenge
18 May 2018Gavin WuiskeR500All the best Andy! Go for gold!
19 May 2018Gavin MannR500Your'e a champion Andy , totally inspirational
20 May 2018David WillettR200Good on ya Andy! What an extraordinary challenge to take on!
22 May 2018Helena & DerrickR1000An awesome effort Andy and a great cause! Good Luck
22 May 2018Cassie SmithR1000Awesome effort Andy. Looking forward to sharing your journey to Durban
23 May 2018Stephen SteinR600God Bless you Andy
25 May 2018Wayne and Bronwyn SpiesR1000Champion effort Andy!!! An Inspiration mate!
05 Jun 2018Carl and Katie R500Go Andy, you are incredible!
10 Jun 2018Alan & Ruth PeacockR400Congratulations on arriving at the start! Best of luck on the run down to Durban Andy. Watching the live stream all the way...
11 Jun 2018Andrew SmythR500Massive effort Andy, congratulations on giving it an almighty crack!
17 Jun 2018Bruce MarshallR1000Well done on an awesome Unogwaja Challenge Andy
09 Jul 2018Jeff & Gina MillsR500Congratulations Andy on your awesome effort and the Unogwaja Challenge journey