Cecilia Farias Marchant

Age: 44
From: Hamburg, Germany

My name is Cecilia, also known as Ceci or Cec.

I am 45 years old and love life! I was born in Hamburg, Germany, but raised in both Germany and Chile and eventually studied in London and Lüneburg.

Today I live in the city centre of Hamburg with my two children, Benicio (12) and Lucía (14), and work as a marketing communications manager.

I consider myself to be a soul-sports person – I put my heart into everything I do and achieve! I aim to always leave my comfort zone – both in life and sport. We live and learn whilst walking forward, and for this we need to be fearless and open.

I laugh a lot, and my positive spirit shines through in all aspects of my life. But most of all I love to motivate people to take up sports and let their lights shine! I cannot wait to go on this journey! ShoOops!