Cecilia Farias Marchant

Age: 44
From: Hamburg, Germany

My name is Cecilia, also known as Ceci or Cec.

I am 45 years old and love life! I was born in Hamburg, Germany, but raised in both Germany and Chile and eventually studied in London and Lüneburg.

Today I live in the city centre of Hamburg with my two children, Benicio (12) and Lucía (14), and work as a marketing communications manager.

I consider myself to be a soul-sports person – I put my heart into everything I do and achieve! I aim to always leave my comfort zone – both in life and sport. We live and learn whilst walking forward, and for this we need to be fearless and open.

I laugh a lot, and my positive spirit shines through in all aspects of my life. But most of all I love to motivate people to take up sports and let their lights shine! I cannot wait to go on this journey! ShoOops!

Date Donated By Amount Twitter Account Comment
15 Oct 2015Kerstin DirksR300https://twitter.com/KiKi_DiSupport for my light, my role model, my inspiration, my trainer, my challenge-yourself-support, my running comrade, my redsocksrun organizer, my friend, my tri-girl, my Ceci. <3
02 Nov 2015Cecilia MarchantR1000
05 Dec 2015Marc SuxdorfR750So happy to spread the word and shine the light! Lorraine and Marc
16 Dec 2015Elke SommerladeR820Thank you for being a motivation and inspiration, for letting me leave my comfort zones, for taking me on this crazy journey with you! Shine bright and keep being strong! x
16 Dec 2015Specialized HH - Cycling ChallengeR8492Ride and Run with your heart
29 Dec 2015Elke SommerladeR170Red Socks Baby
22 Jan 2016KerstinR355For Ewas and my new red socks.
28 Jan 2016SaskiaR280https://twitter.com/SasKiaHHTo support the red socks team and expecially Cecilia!
31 Jan 2016OlliR345tiderunnersGo 4 it! #neverrunalone
04 Feb 2016SteffiR345For the Hamburg Red Socks Girls. Wishing you all the best for this adventure!!
05 Feb 2016christine brooks R500go with the wind to your back.
08 Feb 2016Nico GrossR360red socks finally - supporting ceci via unogwaja
08 Feb 2016Tim TiemannR1440for the children in southafrica
14 Feb 2016Guido Althausen R1000
15 Feb 2016R17Best Wishes an good luck from Hamburg ;-)
15 Feb 2016Nicole KesslauR352Thanks for the red Socks ;-)
15 Feb 2016IngaR400you rock!!! love my red socks
17 Feb 2016Anne RabeR400red socks for Katja and Anne go for it girls!!!
22 Feb 2016Running JunkiesR600@runningjunkiesDear Cecilia, Elke & Kerstin, thank you for hosting us in Hamburg. Good luck running the Comrades. Herby a small donation for your charity. Running Junkies. Dennis, Stefan, Sander, Yoshi, Thomas, Oscar, Wilbert
25 Feb 2016Tide Runners Hamburg Donation from Midnight half marathonR8700massive crewlove
26 Feb 2016NiciR530want to start this in Hannover!! great
28 Feb 2016Anja RokittaR512thank you xxx
08 Mar 2016Franzisca R680Viel Erfolg!
09 Mar 2016HaPeR300Go, Girl,Go!!
15 Mar 2016Eva BrajeR1000For Cecilia????????
20 Mar 2016Thorsten SojkaR680yes you can!
31 Mar 2016andrea m.R170donation for the sports bag w/ motto
05 Apr 2016Beatrix RuettenR366Love - swim - run - bike - laugh - repeat :-)
05 Apr 2016AnnaR342
07 Apr 2016FelixR1500Love your energy and Motivation! Keep on running!
07 Apr 2016Torsten ZwirnerR510always follow your heart
07 Apr 2016Catie B. HoffmannR255@DrSmirkmotivation is everything
11 Apr 2016Kerstin R525Heroes of the childhood birthday donation: Giving children from South Africa the chance to become what ever they want. Even a superhero. Thanks to Anke, Steffi and the lovely party crowd.
12 Apr 2016rR50Crewlove Red Socks Girls! Keep on running!
20 Apr 2016Kirsten JohannpeterR480hamburg girls wear red socks
28 Apr 2016Jochen RichterR1000Great project! Good luck Cecilia. Always happy to support SA!
29 Apr 2016Vera R490Superwoman Cecilia! You´ll rock this.. Lots of love.
03 May 2016Felix KR1000Another great initiative; very impressed by your continued personal commitment...!
05 May 2016SUPport South Africa - BBQ and TrainingdayR27223http://www.facebook.com/redsockfridayrunhamburg/Donations from SUPport South Africa - BBQ and Trainingday https://www.facebook.com/events/885015354944117/ We are a movement - and YOU are part of it! Thank you all for your help and for making it such an amazing event!
05 May 2016Danni R800<3
15 May 2016Lars SchneiderR860ceci go! thxxxx
15 May 2016Marie RoseR340we keep inspiring another
15 May 2016Annika MeuselR395love to the red love train members
15 May 2016Jackeline KöhlerR830keep on running for the good
21 May 2016JensonR400Keep moving!
22 May 2016Ivonne MaertensR140love this engagement
22 May 2016lululemon athletica hamburg met red sock friday run hamburg R870keep inspiring!!!