Cecilia Farias Marchant

Age: 44
From: Hamburg, Germany

My name is Cecilia, also known as Ceci or Cec.

I am 45 years old and love life! I was born in Hamburg, Germany, but raised in both Germany and Chile and eventually studied in London and Lüneburg.

Today I live in the city centre of Hamburg with my two children, Benicio (12) and Lucía (14), and work as a marketing communications manager.

I consider myself to be a soul-sports person – I put my heart into everything I do and achieve! I aim to always leave my comfort zone – both in life and sport. We live and learn whilst walking forward, and for this we need to be fearless and open.

I laugh a lot, and my positive spirit shines through in all aspects of my life. But most of all I love to motivate people to take up sports and let their lights shine! I cannot wait to go on this journey! ShoOops!

Date Donated By Amount Twitter Account Comment
30 Nov 2016Ina SchreuderR750You rock!!!! Such a wonderful initiative!
08 May 2017Jana-Valerie Z.R740Good Luck Ceci
08 May 2017Anne RabeR590good luck ceci #roadtounogwaja
09 May 2017Sabine von TörneR1000You will make it!
09 May 2017R17408.12
17 May 2017Pascaline ProttR1500keep running and thanks for your great engagement!
18 May 2017Tide Runners HamburgR4400with love from the crew #laughloverunrepeat # tidetrunnershh # midnighthalf
18 May 2017Eltern von UrteR300good luck ;)
18 May 2017Alexandra SeinscheR375Best wishes Cécilia! If you can't make it, nobody can ;-)
18 May 2017Birthe ThiesR300Good Luck !!!!!!!
23 May 2017SusanaR600Viel Glück C.!! Fühl' Dich umarmt!
26 May 2017CatieR750DrSmirkTogether we are stronger and I'm beyond inspired by your courage and light you shine for others!
01 Jun 2017WiseyR420A donation from an incredible family. This is nearly R5,000 split evenly between you all. It is important to split this amount evenly between each of you, because each of you as a team have inspired this donation. The family donating are Rich and Kylie and their two daughters from Australia, they have avidly followed the story of Unogwaja over the last three years and given over R25,000 to date. It is a testament to Unogwaja 2017's ability to inspire. Keep charging legends!!
18 Jul 2017 Anonymous R7300 - Support by an anonymous and very generous human. Thank you for your help and support!