Clodis Boscarioli

Age: 44
From: Cascavel, Brazil

This is not an event. And we are not event organisers

I understand it is not a competition, but an act of citizenship. The focus is not on cycling or running to win. The focus is on people. All participants in the Challenge will be giving some of themselves in order to make it happen, and they should act as a group/team.

It is a journey towards a better world, built collectively.

How do you think you will deal with adversity or things that don’t meet with your expectations?

By being respectful and understanding. I am fairly easygoing when it comes to that. I think adversity is to be overcome and that dialogue is fundamental. Problems may occur in every plan so instead of getting frustrated in face of initial expectations, what I seek is to come up with alternatives (Plan B) to achieve the goal.

Why I am ready for The Unogwaja Challenge 2017:

I’ve run and cycled for three years. In addition to these workouts, I do weight training at the gym. I have done all regular medical checkups and all is well with my health. I like to take part in longer races (trail run ultramarathons) that require physical and mental strength. My workouts are targeted at these kinds of activity; which means I do believe I’ve got the physical conditions and endurance to participate in this journey.


Date Donated By Amount Twitter Account Comment
13 Sep 2016 Anonymous R100 -
13 Nov 2016Paolo Giuseppe CarusoR100
01 Dec 2016R1000Application Donation
14 Dec 2016 Anonymous R42 -
16 Dec 2016Nato AmaralR884@natocomradesHey Clodis, keep working hard and inspiring people. Enjoy every mile of this awesome journey. All the best from Brazil!
04 Feb 2017Cristiano Maciel R213
21 Mar 2017Treino Solidário 18/03R3552Doações recebidas e rifas vendidas durante o treino solidário no Ginásio Ciro Nardi
21 Mar 2017Nuno e Vanessa PierozanR498
21 Mar 2017Adriano LangwinskiR405
04 Apr 2017Roberto PereiraR1000
05 Apr 2017FabiolaR444
17 Apr 2017Emanuele Furlan PrettoR430Parabéns pela iniciativa professor, estarei na torcida!
19 Apr 2017Desafio Chapada do Araripe RaffleR3180Valor obtido via Rifa feita no Desafio Chapada do Araripe/CE organizada por Andrea Cruz.
19 Apr 2017Friends Donations in my Banking AccountR16920Agrupamento de doações de vários amigos via minha conta corrente.
19 Apr 2017marcos paulo valeR80Good luck Clodis. I hope you can go far as possible, but I wish you to be the winner!!!!
24 Apr 2017Daniel VaqueroR130Boa sorte!
10 May 2017Friends Donations in my Banking AccountR13260Agrupamento de doações de vários amigos via minha conta corrente.
15 May 2017Donation obtained with RaffleR11020Valor obtido com rifa (além do que já havia sido depositado como Treino Solidário) de uma Cesta de Suplementos ofertada pela Annis Produtos Naturais.
18 May 2017Adriana e Renato SchwartzR500
24 May 2017Claudia MeloR600claudia_melo
01 Jun 2017WiseyR420A donation from an incredible family. This is nearly R5,000 split evenly between you all. It is important to split this amount evenly between each of you, because each of you as a team have inspired this donation. The family donating are Rich and Kylie and their two daughters from Australia, they have avidly followed the story of Unogwaja over the last three years and given over R25,000 to date. It is a testament to Unogwaja 2017's ability to inspire. Keep charging legends!!
18 Jul 2017R1522Three last donations from friends in my bank account.