Cory Arcak

Age: 40
From: Texas, USA
What does shoOops! mean to you?
The word ShoOops! continues to evolve for me as my relationship with Unogwaja and the Red Socks deepens...ShoOops is crazy, insane, happiness, joy, LOVE, HOPE, possibility and adventure! Most of all ShoOops! is a soul baring mantra that provides an opportunity to let out your inner beauty.

After Unogwaja 2015 is over how would you like to be remembered by your teammates?
I hope that my teammates remember me as someone that shared lots and lots of LOVE and JOY and LAUGHTER and PASSION and that I leave each and every one of them with the heartfelt knowledge that I would do everything within my ability to help support and sustain them throughout the Unogwaja Challenge and well beyond.

Date Donated By Amount Twitter Account Comment
17 Dec 2014 Anonymous R900 - RED SOCK LOVE
17 Feb 2015RED SOCK VALENTINESR550Thank you to all those sharing the RED SOCK LOVE on Valentine's and Everyday!
16 Mar 2015R600
01 May 2015R600RED SOCK 1 mile
15 May 2015 Anonymous R1200 - Carry us all in your hearts! ShoOops!
19 May 2015BlackWater Draw BreweryR7370@BlackwaterBrewUnogwaja BWD Pint Glass "Here's to Unogwaja" Event