Craig Bain

From: Cape Town, South Africa

My name is Craig aka Baino aka Silver Fox. I am 32, live in Cape Town and will be running my first Comrades in 2015, a mere month a half before my wedding to the most beautiful amazing woman in the entire world (I still can not believe how lucky I am – Who would encourage her fiance to run his first Comrades just a month before their wedding? – she is a hero!). Between Joburg and Cape Town I have been a proud Red Socker for 5 years and can not wait to run in the Red Love Train and support the amazing charities of the Unogwaja Challenge.

Date Donated By Amount Twitter Account Comment
07 Oct 2014 Anonymous R500 - "The struggle you are in today is developing the strength that you need tomorrow. Train hard and enjoy every second - we believe in you! shoOops!"
25 Feb 2015 Anonymous R250 - Cash Donation from work :)
25 Feb 2015TasmynR200@CraigThomasBainGoooooo Baino
25 Feb 2015FIONA BAINR500@BainFionaGood Luck Craig!
26 Feb 2015R200@Craigthomsabain
26 Feb 2015Brian & ColleenR350
26 Feb 2015Tamsin BritsR100@CraigThomasBain
01 Mar 2015Bradley EachusR1000Go Baino
01 Mar 2015R1000
02 Mar 2015RoloR270That's R3 per km (roughly) for you on 31 May Baino...helped by the years of abuse you gave me for the early morning training!! Good luck and enjoy!
02 Mar 2015Jared GodwinR100@jaredg84Great initiative, good luck with the training bud and see you on the road!
02 Mar 2015Martin CoxonR1000
03 Mar 2015JurajR100All the best and keep at it!
03 Mar 2015Ashleigh R50Good luck! :)
16 Mar 2015Mike LowR500Good luck Baino! Amazingly crazy! Crazily amazing!
28 May 2015Staci & RolandR200@CraigThomasBainGo Bain! YOU CAN DO IT!