Craig Wiseman

Age: 35
From: Perth, Australia

My name is Craig (a.k.a. Wisey), and I’m the Australian born in Boksburg! Just a regular guy that loves South Africa and believes in the potential that such a place has…..ShoOops!!!!!!!

Each Comrades you run is unique, be it an up run or down run, the people you are with, or the mental and physical battles that one fights out there, but one thing is for certain that passion you see and feel on the start line, and that relief, pain and joy you feel on the finish line is an experience unmatched in life. For me each one is like the first one, I am just happy each year to have the privilege to try just one more time.

I have been part of the red socks movement for 4 years now, the camaraderie and fun of being around a group of people passionate about South Africa and what it has to offer is incredible. It is a truly special thing to pull on the red socks and charge what ever it is in life you are attending to.

Craig is also a proud member of the Red Love Train.