Curwin Mark Francis

From: South Africa

What Unogwaja means to me…

An opportunity to partner with a great organsiation in helping the less fortunate in our country and inspire others to do the same.

What is your interpretation of John’s words “This is not an event. And we are not event organisers”?

Unogwaja is not about the 11 day challenge, but is rather about being part of something that is bigger than yourself. The members of the charity are not event organisers but rather a support structure.

In my view, the journey does not begin when you jump on your bike on day 1 in Cape Town but rather on 1 September when you are selected to partner with the Charity to reach a fundraising goal.

About me:

I push through and try to stay positive because if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.

When I climbed Kilimanjaro, on summit night we left for the summit at 11am and after walking in the dark for 4hrs, I started struggling mentally. Despite everything I read about summit night, it was much harder than I expected and to make matters worse my goggles steamed up and I couldn’t see where I was going. At the lowest moment in the expedition, I made decision that I was going to be fine and was going to get through this as I had put in the work. I put on some music and from that moment onward I was fine (despite it being hard). When the sun came up I didn’t think about the negatives but rather took in the views of the mountain.

Donations by Curwin Mark Francis in 2018

Date Donated By Amount Twitter Account Comment
13 Sep 2017R25000
19 Sep 2017 Anonymous R200 -
02 Oct 2017Michelle MeszarichR500Good luck son! I'm so proud of you
04 Oct 2017R500Good luck dude!
05 Oct 2017Mark FrancisR1000Curwin’s commitment and dedication to this worthy cause is both admired and respected. We wish him and the entire team all of the very best during their journey together
05 Oct 2017Rory TaylerR2000
05 Oct 2017 Anonymous R200 - Go forward with hope in your heart.
09 Oct 2017SkhumbuzoR500Good luck guys and keep working
25 Oct 2017Vertical SpacesR5000
30 Oct 2017Deon LambertR1500Wishing Curwin everything of the best as he takes on this massive and incredible adventure. We are fully behind you!
13 Nov 2017Muhammed ChotiaR500Toe nails are for pansy !!!
14 Nov 2017Lyle TimmR500Good luck Curwin. Wishing you success as you take on this colossal endeavor!
22 Nov 2017Rod TifflinR5000Go for it Curwin. Best of luck. Rod and Judy.
14 Dec 2017Brandon WilliamsR500
14 Dec 2017Baile MalobaR250I was very moved by the work that Unogwaja does as informed by Curwin Francis. More of these initiatives are needed and I pledge to continue supporting Curwin and Unogwaja on this great journey that will without a doubt benefit South Africa and the world at large
18 Dec 2017Muhammed ChotiaR500
17 Jan 2018Sheeraz ChothiaR400Good luck champ
02 Feb 2018ChrisR2000Awesome stuff Curwin, give it horns, what a champ!!!
07 Feb 2018Lebo SetshogweR250
03 May 2018Muhammed ChotiaR500
14 May 2018Kase MahlakuR250
14 May 2018Muhammed ChotiaR500
15 May 2018Frederik BR500What a challenge, and for a worthy cause! Wishing you all the mental and physical strength you need. Take me to Kilimanjaro one day!
23 May 2018Brent Van WykR1500
24 May 2018Gerrit KruyswijkR500
24 May 2018Louallen CharlesR500All of the best to you Curwin Francis, backing you 100%!!! Don’t forget to have fun through this magnificent journey! Remember, its mind over matter… Cheers, Louallen
25 May 2018Macheli NtsasaR500All the best Curwin, Keep up the good work
28 May 2018Washington MusaraR500
28 May 2018Tseliso ParkiesR700
28 May 2018Lyle TimmR500
14 Jun 2018Nathan FredericksR250Congrats on an amazing achievement!!
14 Jun 2018Russell WallaceR250