David Tay

From: Singapore

Unogwaja is a living testimony of the human spirit and the connection we have as one.

To me, it is a journey of discovery – of self, of others, of nature, and the awakening to the similarities we have with one another, and how we are all part of one body, one spirit. It is not an event for someone to tick off the bucket list, but for the people who are involved in Unogwaja, in one way or other, to inspire others in this way of being. To reach out to one another, to support and encourage each other, and to feel deeply the connections of our spirits.

About Me:

I am a Life and Sports Coach, and I run a sports tour business with my business partner. I am basically in charge of these businesses and I adjust my training routines with my work commitments, in the midst of my personal life too. Though there will be days/periods where there will be extra demands and deadlines, I have learned to adapt and be flexible, and not allow these commitments to distract me from my goals. At the same time, I make it a part of my life (these sporting activities) as it is a lifestyle for me.

I have taken part in 5 long distance triathlons (3x Ironman races in 2003, 2004 and 2014), and (2x Challenge Family races in 2016 & 2017). The most recent one was a few weeks ago in Roth, Germany. I did the SwissAlpine marathon in 2016 (S42) and recently in 2017 (K78).

I also completed the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon this year, finishing in 6 hours. My training regime when I was training for the long distance triathlon was 4x times/weekly on the bike with an average of 150-200km per session. My weekly mileage for a pure marathon event is about 80km. I have completed 32 full marathons – done the 6 marathon majors,and covered all 7 continents, including the Antarctica in Jan/Feb 2017.

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