Elke Sommerlade

From: Hamburg

About me:

I’m so blessed to be able to give back to people not quite as fortunate and so happy to have found the Unogwaja to make this possible and really special. Fully motivated for next years challenge and generally always up for a challenge and a bit of risk in life.

When I’m not working, or running, I love to travel the world and spend time with my friends. My motivation: “Do what you love and do it often!”

My Comrades History:

Happy to run the Comrades again and going for back2back! 2016 Downrun has been an incredible experience! Such an adventure! Loved it and can’t wait to 2017 Uprun!

Why do I want to join the Red Love Train?

Proud to support the Unogwaja Lightfund by red sock friday runs, charity events and happy to support Cecilia, who is part of the Unogwaja Challenge, next year in South Africa. ShoOops!


Date Donated By Amount Twitter Account Comment
07 Jan 2016KerstinR170Run Baby. Run Baby. Baby Run Run. Looking forward to Comrades 2016 together with youuuuu.
14 Jan 2016BenjaminR20benjaminneske#crewlove
14 Jan 2016R350benjaminneskeNun richtig :P
16 Jan 2016LeyliR270go Elke!!!
18 Jan 2016ElkeR1100Birthday donations from friends
29 Jan 2016GretelR53531 EUR (einer für jedes Lebensjahr, in dem du dein Abenteuer wagst) PLUS ein Glückscent ;) GO GO GO !
29 Jan 2016SzymmmiR150Go for it - with a big smile! :)
31 Jan 2016OlliR345tiderunnersGo 4 it! #neverrunalone
04 Feb 2016SteffiR345For the Hamburg Red Socks Girls. Wishing you all the best for this adventure!!
08 Feb 2016Cecilia R540so happy to go on this journey with you - very proud!
21 Feb 2016 Anonymous R1700 -
22 Feb 2016Running JunkiesR17@runningjunkiesDear Cecilia, Elke & Kerstin, thank you for hosting us in Hamburg. Good luck running the Comrades. Herby a small donation for your charity. Running Junkies. Dennis, Stefan, Sander, Yoshi, Thomas, Oscar, Wilbert (donation splitted)
11 Apr 2016Kerstin R84Heroes of the childhood birthday donation: Giving children from South Africa the chance to become what ever they want. Even a superhero. Thanks to Anke, Steffi and the lovely party crowd.
17 May 2016i.A. Annika M.R353Thank you Annika for your donation <3