Jana Hawran

Age: 36
From: Hamburg

My name is Jana and I’m a physiotherapist from Hamburg.

I met John on Good Friday when we were stuck together in traffic jam.

His enthusiasm and the spirit of Unogwaja was so fascinating that I had to become part of this journey!

I was born and raised in the south of Germany near Lake Constance, then I moved to Berlin to study Physiotherapy. And somehow I landed in Hamburg with a quick stop in Cologne.

As you see I’m not bound to a city or a country because I think home is where you have good people around you.

Spontaneity is both my best and worst quality: Sometimes it gets me into trouble, but most times it brings wonderful opportunities like the Unogwaja Challenge.

So always remember:

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” -Wayne Gretzky

Thank you for being a part of Unogwaja team!

Donations by Jana Hawran in 2018

Date Donated By Amount Twitter Account Comment
26 Oct 2017Oma SteffensR1660Happy Birthday! Deine Oma
26 Oct 2017"Gesundheitskönige"R1000Alle Gute zu deinem Geburtstag! Deine Gesundheitskönige aus Hamburg
26 Oct 2017Heidi LeiprechtR500Happy Birthday, Jana. Have a wonderful time with your Unogwajas!
28 Oct 2017KatjaR650Thank you for the physiotherapy!
15 Nov 2017Max HawranR850For the best little sister in the world! ShoOops!
15 Nov 2017Silke KatterbachR833Wünsche dir jede Menge Spaß mit dem Team 2018. BetterTogether. ShoOops.
12 Dec 2017Nicole GodfreyR320Dear Jana, thanks for the physiotherapy and all the best for Unogwaja 2018!