Jess Kavonic

Age: 28
From: Cape Town, South Africa

I am a 27 year old South African who believes that the only thing that separates people is opportunity. And so it should be through the opportunities we each are given that we make some for others.

I want to be a part of the Red Love Train because what better way to run and see the most beautiful city then in a group of like minded inspirational people.



Date Donated By Amount Twitter Account Comment
09 Sep 2016Ulrike IrlichR100You go Jess! We are all behind you! Very proud of you and super stoked to know you!
13 Sep 2016 Anonymous R100 -
13 Sep 2016Steve WimberleyR800Good luck Jess and team - we're proud of you
15 Sep 2016CarolineR700To my lovely Pacific Crest Trail hike wife - I love you forever, you crazy little thing!
21 Sep 2016BryonieR400Good luck Jess!!
27 Sep 2016Nat + Shelagh Kavonic + MalR2100Go Jessie from Mom and Dad and a bit from Mal the golfer
27 Sep 2016St Johns Veterinary ClinicR1000Good luck from all at St Johns Veterinary Clinic ,
05 Oct 2016Mandy KirkR300
13 Oct 2016Lynn O'NeillR2000
17 Oct 2016Stephen DavisR100@stephenergeticAll the best Jess - thanks for being an inspiration
17 Oct 2016BronR1000Go Jessie go!
22 Oct 2016Erasmus familyR600From building houses out of high jump mats to now doing this challenge... Proud :D
26 Oct 2016Jennifer SmartR3000Dearest Cherub, I am honored to call you my friend and there isn't a doubt in my mind that you will successfully complete this newest challenge with grace and humility. I will be rooting you on, as you propel yourself forward by pedal and foot. Love, Lion Heart
10 Nov 2016Steve WimberleyR300Good luck Jess - we're proud of you
16 Nov 2016Margaret SmartR3600Cherub, I love your passion for helping others. Go team! Hugs, Peggy (Lion Heart's Mom)
29 Nov 2016Ariel BohrR270Much love, Shotput
01 Dec 2016Sarah ChippendaleR500Gave up take-away coffee for a month - herewith the moola that was saved :) Have fun buddy, you are incredible & an inspiration!
07 Dec 2016R1000Application Donation
20 Dec 2016Megs HollisR400Unogwaja Dare: Stand up paddle boarding. Love you Jess
22 Dec 2016ChantelR250
30 Dec 2016Joshua FriedmanR1000Kick ass and take numbers
31 Dec 2016Beverley RossR100
02 Jan 2017Granny BubblesR495So proud. You making our family shine.
05 Jan 2017Westville Veterinary HospitalR1000Best of luck Jess
09 Jan 2017MarkR5000824690292Love from Mark and Urs!!! You go Jess very proud of you!!
11 Jan 2017Unogwaja/PCT Evening 1: DurbanR6025A massive thanks to everyone for coming and showing your support. So incredibly grateful.
11 Jan 2017Unogwaja/PCT Evening 2: DurbanR1395Again another successful night. Thank you to all who came. Words will never be enough!
13 Jan 2017Dave and Colleen ElphickR750
16 Jan 2017Serena BrinkR100Love from Serena
17 Jan 2017Cherri ForsythR100
20 Jan 2017R100For you Jess from Graham Murray from the golf day
24 Jan 2017Steve BissettR1100One of the strongest minds I know! From the one week veggie challenge and hike from Claremont to Camps Bay. All the best with your Unogwaja journey :-)
25 Jan 2017CarolineR670GO CHERUB - WE ADORE YOU!
30 Jan 2017Warrick SmithR180Unogwaja Dare: Run Cango Marathon
30 Jan 2017Jenny MastersonR1000Good luck Jess - May you have a following wind all the way!!
31 Jan 2017Heather MastersonR320Good luck Jess, I hope your challenge goes well.
02 Feb 2017Di EdwardsR1000All the very best for your ride/run.
11 Feb 2017Dee FleuriotR1000GIVE IT HORNS JESSIE-KAH-KAAAAA!
16 Mar 2017R4476Proceeds from Variety Show Fundraiser
27 Mar 2017Di ScottR195Go Jess!
27 Mar 2017Ellika Hermansson TorokR395Well done Jess
27 Mar 2017Unogwaja PCT Event - JHBR3895Thank you so very much to everyone who came. Special thanks to Aunty Meg and Uncle Rob for organising and hosting. It means so so much. Thank you!
27 Mar 2017ErnitaR345Such a great cause. Good luck.
28 Mar 2017Andrew ChristieR500Towards JHB Fundraiser
03 Apr 2017Unogwaja PCT Event - CTR3195Again a MASSIVE MASSIVE MASSIVE thank you to everyone who came and supported. I am so incredibly grateful and so touched by all your immense support. Thank you!
03 Apr 2017Andrew BowdenR100
07 Apr 2017Mike & UrsR395Jessie! Do this.
07 Apr 2017R1416Proceeds from online ticket sales- PCT talk CT
13 Apr 2017Ulrike IrlichR500Happy Birthday Jess!
26 Apr 2017Stephen GrangerR500Thanks for inspiring so many others Jess through your amazing life challenges!
01 May 2017IanR150Swim-a-thon
02 May 2017Laura WestonR200R200 for 200 lengths. Words cannot describe how proud I am of you.
06 May 2017Swimathon - part 1R6705Donations from Ernita, Kath, Guy, Michelle, Tracy, Alison, Anja, Bruce, Cath F, Kyla & Di. You guys are such incredible people with the best hearts. Thank you!
16 May 2017Swimathon - part 2R5570Donations from Mands (including for the Unogwaja dare & from and her legend friends), Sparky, Frost, Mike and Cath H.....again no words can adequately express how much this means! Thank you for helping invest in the future of SA!
18 May 2017Julie GoodnessR300Go Jess and team! Sending you all the energy and staying power to ride and run like the wind! Have an incredible adventure!
31 May 2017BelindaR250
31 May 2017NicoleR1000
01 Jun 2017WiseyR420A donation from an incredible family. This is nearly R5,000 split evenly between you all. It is important to split this amount evenly between each of you, because each of you as a team have inspired this donation. The family donating are Rich and Kylie and their two daughters from Australia, they have avidly followed the story of Unogwaja over the last three years and given over R25,000 to date. It is a testament to Unogwaja 2017's ability to inspire. Keep charging legends!!
04 Jun 2017R500So inspired by what you're doing Jess!
04 Jun 2017Liz MetcalfeR500You're the brest!
27 Jul 2017Danielle VolkerR750