Julie Hendricks

Age: 39
From: Cape Town, South Africa
What does shoOops! mean to you?
ShoOops! can mean a whatever you want it to mean. It can be a motivator, a greeting, an expletive substitute, a motivator and an expression of unity with other ShoOops! Red Socks wearers, known or not.

After Unogwaja 2015 is over how would you like to be remembered by your teammates?
I want to be remembered as the person who made the entire Unogwaja Challenge journey as smooth running as possible. I want to make sure that no one has to worry about anything other than their own responsibilities, the person for whom nothing is too much trouble and the person that has a special place in her heart for every other Unogwaja team member.

Date Donated By Amount Twitter Account Comment
17 Feb 2015Red Sock Tweed RideR651.77
20 Feb 2015 Anonymous R2000 - Thank you for your support and contribution to this special journey.
12 Mar 2015shoOops!R500.00@redsockfridayThanks for helping at the CT Cycle Tour expo! shoOops!