Kerstin Dirks

Age: 31
From: Hamburg, Germany

About Me:

Kerstin, 32 years old, from Hamburg. Originally from East Frisia.
Friends. Love. Family. Running. A lot of passion for the things I do – are the things in focus of my life.

My Comrades History:

Going for Back2Back 2017: Up Run is going to be the next challenge in my life. Last year I did the 2016 Down Run together with the Red Love Train and the experience was so overwhelming. Elke and I finihed together and since this point I am telling everyone that Comrades is the most special marathon in world and history.

Why I want to be a part of Red Train Love 2017:

At last years Comrades I was part of the Red Love Train. The passion, love, fun and courage of the people I met was the most inspiring thing I got to know in my life.

I love you people and I want to run again together with you. We got to know so many different people and even through running the course we met new friends at the track. ShoOops!

I don’t want to miss this experience in my life and of course want to support the projects of Unogwaja Lightfund and the Unogwaja team in the race. Spread more light for the Red Sock Movement. Heading from Hamburg to South Africa:


Date Donated By Amount Twitter Account Comment
15 Oct 2015 Anonymous R300 -
16 Dec 2015Elke SommerladeR170My running, laughing, dancing comrade! x
07 Jan 2016KerstinR510Christmas donation for Red love train. Family and Friends
31 Jan 2016OlliR345tiderunnersGo 4 it! #neverrunalone
04 Feb 2016SteffiR345For being a great support at a big part of my first HM last year :-) All the best for this adventure!!
08 Feb 2016CeciliaR540love your determination - soooo happy to do this journey with you!
21 Feb 2016Mathias ArensR430@mathiasarens
22 Feb 2016Kerstin R600@runningjunkiesDear Cecilia, Elke & Kerstin, thank you for hosting us in Hamburg. Good luck running the Comrades. Herby a small donation for your charity. Running Junkies. Dennis, Stefan, Sander, Yoshi, Thomas, Oscar, Wilbert
09 Mar 2016Enrico R300Pain is temporary, pride is forever. #redsocks
11 Mar 2016ArneR300Redsock Friday Hamburg #shoOops
11 Mar 2016EvaR150Red sock Friday Hamburg #shoOops
11 Mar 2016Susanne und Lisa/PUK R370Collectingbox at Philipp und Keuntje. First thanks to Susanne und Lisa
21 Mar 2016Steffi / LydiaR250Red Socks as present and support <3 ShooOops
29 Mar 2016Easter RabbitR400Happy Easter from the Easter rabbit. In Xulu called Unogwaja.
11 Apr 2016Steffi and Ankes B'dayR8401608053011Heroes of the childhood birthday donation: Giving children from South Africa the chance to become what ever they want. Even a superhero. Thanks to Anke, Steffi and the lovely party crowd.
17 May 2016i.A. Annika M.R353Thank you Annika for your support <3
24 May 2016KerstinR100