Lee-Ann Persse

From: Johannesburg

I am working as a Rowing coach at the St Andrews School for Girls, I am also coaching the Junior South African women. My plan is to then move to Cape Town and find a coaching position in the Cape. The coaching times are slightly more flexible than an 8-5 job and I feel that I will be able to deal with any extra pressures or commitments.

My family have always been very supportive of any of my aspirations and I know they will be a great support system should I become a part of the Unogwaja team.

I have been training and competing at a very high level for the past 10 years. I have been rowing at a high level, competing at internationals for the past 10 years, having attended 2 Olympic games, London and Rio. As far as running and cycling go, both where a big part of our base-work and training for the Olympics. Some weeks we ran up to 40km and cycling was a big part of our pre-season training. Not so much road cycling but a lot of mountain biking as well as training on the Wattbike. I have participated in 5 or 6 road races in my life as well two 94,7 cycle challenges.

I haven’t done a lot of running races longer then 21,1km but have faith in my running ability. Due to my achievements in rowing I have a lot of faith in my physical ability as an athlete.

Unogwaja means following your heart to be a part of a team that goes on a Journey to achieve something bigger than themselves.

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