Liana McCloghrie

From: Johannesburg

Unogwaja means giving back to those who cant help themselves by not only empowering them but by sharing in Ubuntu now and in the future.

Unogwaja is not related to one single event or in this case, an 11 day journey across South Africa, but rather to the life-long impact this experience will have on the future. Th

e ethos of Unogwaja is to continue with the legacy long after the event and to have memories and moments which will be remembered forever. I think that the entire experience leading up to, during and after the event encompasses the spirit of Unogwaja and I know that this will be a life changing challenge with both highs and lows shared by a “family” of like-minded individuals.

I believe whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and no matter what life throws at you, you continue to live and fight for what you believe in. Each day has its silver lining, no matter how small; and you just have to hold onto that and make your own happiness from it.

I am a single mother of a 9 year old daughter. I have a very supportive family and friend group who help me with all my training and extra activities. I am a teacher and currently teach Grade 3 as well as manage netball at an Action Sports arena.

My cycling experience is not as good as I would like it to be but I am rectifying this by making sure cycling features in my training moving forward. I have cycled before and have completed the 94.7. I am, however, more focused on netball and running. I have completed numerous marathons and have successfully completed Comrades marathon 8 consecutive times.

Donations by Liana McCloghrie in 2018

Date Donated By Amount Twitter Account Comment
03 Feb 2018Mick & Leo HoltR500good luck you can do it so proud
03 Feb 2018Oma BrownR700good luck Liana love from Oma
14 Feb 2018Karen BrownR815the phrase get on your bike has never been truer :-) Karen & John x
19 Mar 2018Sybille McCloghrieR5000Good Luck to our courageous daughter! Liana we are so proud of you and know you will succeed. Enjoy every minute of this exciting adventure - we will be supporting you from start to finish - you are legend!! Mum and Dad
12 Apr 2018Andy LewusR200Go Lee! Do us proud - what an amazing endeavour