Michele Mansor

Age: 45
From: Lorena, Brazil

Why am I part of this project?
I have always dreamed about the chance of doing something truly meaningful. And when I learned about Unogwaja Challenge, I knew that it was what I’ve been waiting for.

I had the opportunity to be with the Unogwajas in 2015, in Pietermaritzburg, and I was overwhelmed by the power of this group of people – willing to help the world to be a better place and willing to take some hope to other people… I knew I had to be part of this.

I believe in the power of Unogwaja: it’s all about hope, about transformation and about being united as humankind.

What do I most look forward to about being on the Support Crew?
To be helpful, to take care of everyone’s welfare, to learn, to meet people, to live experiences, to immerse in the South African culture, to get away of the daily routine that obliges us to need things that we really don’t need, to live in a simple way, to shake off the comfort zone , to work hard and to come back home transformed …