Miguel Netto

Age: 29
From: Cape Town, South Africa
What does shoOops! mean to you? To me the word ShoOops does not have one sole meaning. ShoOops is a way of expressing the incredible feeling of following your heart to the fullest and just putting yourself out there! It’s that mutual expression of energy which brings us special “Red Sockers” together from all over the world. Being able to shout ShoOops and experience the emotions that come with it is an indescribable feeling that you will only know once you shout it out and feel the magic that is ShoOops! Come on, give it a go! ShoOoooOooooopps!! After Unogwaja 2015 is over how would you like to be remembered by your teammates? After Unogwaja 2015 I want to be remembered by my teammates as a positive, open minded and selfless team player who gave my utmost dedication to my team and the overall Unogwaja cause – Willing to play any role that was required of me, no matter how big or small. I would be a very proud Unogwaja knowing that my teammates recognized my ambition to work through the struggles together and celebrating all highs together on this incredible journey.
Date Donated By Amount Twitter Account Comment
08 Aug 2014Miguel NettoR1000.00
26 Sep 2014BrettaR500
26 Sep 2014MR R GALLOWITZR100@acrazymonkeyLooking forward to seeing the Netto complete this one. Go boytjie!
04 Nov 2014Miguel NettoR100
12 Nov 2014Vision ElevatorsR4000Good Luck Champ!
17 Nov 2014Amanda CromhoutR1000@tweetstruth
25 Nov 2014Tessa BehrensR500Good Luck Shmegal xx
25 Nov 2014Lauren NettoR800Wishing you all the best from your biggest fans!
01 Dec 2014AJ SpieringshoekR500@MrAJ_SirGood luck! ShoOops!!
03 Dec 2014Jacques LoubserR1000And the birdy????????
03 Dec 2014BlakeR100@BlakeCTNKeep up the good work. Enjoy every minute and continue to make a difference
04 Dec 2014 Anonymous R500 - Noddy
05 Dec 2014Marko LoubserR2000
10 Dec 2014Dan GolderR2000
10 Dec 2014Jacques LoubserR1000Kaboosh
10 Dec 2014Devin Heffer and Jade HempelR1000@Devinh21Go Schmeags my boy! You're going to smash it! And I know Ros-Dog will be with you the whole way! Big Love Fat Cat and Jade-Dog*
11 Dec 2014 Anonymous R500 - All the very best Miguel
11 Dec 2014R100
11 Dec 2014Nick PersseR250
11 Dec 2014 Anonymous R500 - Enjoy, Leonie
08 Jan 2015Persse familyR1000
09 Jan 2015Tori GardnerR200@torihirst9Backing you all the way Migs:)
09 Jan 2015Nina Valleska van NiekerkR300
12 Jan 2015BainoR150@CraigThomasBainJust a little something to get you to R19,000 ... keep on truckin'! Bring on 31 May 2015! #shoOops!
12 Jan 2015 Anonymous R50 -
12 Jan 2015Pauline de KockR2500Love you Migs! With you every step of the way. Believe!
20 Jan 2015Dr A Stidworthy IncorporatedR1000.00
20 Jan 2015Blaine & AssociatesR3000.00
04 Feb 2015peter stewartR2000
05 Feb 2015JamieR200GOOODLUCK!!!! wishing you all the best.
06 Feb 2015Kwikot South AfricaR6000
06 Feb 2015Isca Taps South AfricaR1200
12 Feb 2015Tracey DoddR100TraceyD7Good luck guys ... you're doing a super job. xx
12 Feb 2015IanR250Good Luck Migs! Wish you all the best on this incredible journey! Wish I could do it one day with you guys. MONKEY WEB THE CRAP OUT OF THAT BIKE!!!
24 Feb 2015Joff GouverisR250Maaaaaaaaaaaa the meat loaf!!! Faaaak!! Good luck brother!!! WIll see you off at the start!!
24 Feb 2015Scott FraserR1000@sfraseIf you not 1st, you last! Good Luck Migs, what a champion!!
03 Mar 2015 Anonymous R202 - For the 202km we rode together...thanks for the continued inspiration to follow my dreams
03 Mar 2015Maxine PurdonR100Much Love Max
05 Mar 2015PauloR300So Proud of you brother. I pledge to donate R300 of every paycheck i receive till your raise. It's not much but i hope it helps
05 Mar 2015 Anonymous R48 - Good Luck
05 Mar 2015KYLER500A small contribution to a huge cause!
05 Mar 2015Craig ThomsonR250@craigthom69Keep doing your thing!
06 Mar 2015Unogwaja Quiz NightR4000.00
12 Mar 2015Sandro FernandesR2000Happy Birthday Brother, I hope there can be more to come in the future :)
23 Mar 2015DPI PlasticsR3000.00
10 Apr 2015I wonder...R100Because you are such a genuine champion... "I'm baaaack". Cannot wait to see you near the end & Sharing Comrades with you!
10 Apr 2015Red Sock FridayR512.50@redsockfridayFrom all red sockers who bought shoOops! at the 2015 African X!
15 Apr 2015 Anonymous R38 -
23 Apr 2015TammyR200@TamlynSullivan1Wishing u all the best on a challenging & rewarding journey of inspiring hope in the essence of true human spirit. Making a difference. Admiration to all who make up the Unogwaja team ??
05 May 2015KevinR750@kevindanielzaGo you biscuit
05 May 2015GideonR500Good luck Migs. All the best
06 May 2015Jacqueline Meny-GibertR500
07 May 2015JoshR650So so proud of you, Migs...
13 May 2015Tissa and DaveR1000When we grow up we also want to be Unogwaja's! Will be thinking of you and Ros - have a stupendous ride and run! See you when we get back xx
15 May 2015PhilipR100@pkiracofe
15 May 2015Miguel NettoR530Thanks for the support on my Red Sock Friday fundraiser! You guys rock!
23 May 2015LisaR250you guys are simply amazing. What a challenge and what an inspiration
27 May 2015Mark NettoR800stomachcruncherGet a car...
30 May 2015R532