Nathaniel Mabetwa

Age: 44
From: Johannesburg, SA

My name is Nat. I was born and bred in Soweto, and I am a husband and father of two.

The world could be a much better place if we all understood that humanity is tied together by a common bond and that true freedom and happiness, comes from making a contribution to the journeys of others.

The Comrades Marathon is a true test of the human spirit, all the runners spend months preparing for it. Each of the finishers have a strong resolve to overcome and persevere. This is the same spirit that we must give to all those who are less fortunate, those who are going through a tough period in their lives and those who need a little help in order to find their way. I intend to do all in my powers to give of myself to impact others positively.

The message of Unogwaja can ignite the passion in each of us to run after our dreams, while also inspiring others to do the same.