Nicola Eckstein

Age: 45
From: Cape Town, South Africa
What does shoOops! mean to you?
Sassy; Helping; Our community; Outreach ; Out there; Participation; Socks. Love the concept and never go anywhere without my Red Socks on a Friday!

After Unogwaja 2015 is over how would you like to be remembered by your teammates?
A solid member of the team who was there for my team members when they needed me, a team player and someone who could keep the mood light during those dark moments.

Date Donated By Amount Twitter Account Comment
08 Aug 2014Nicola EcksteinR1000.00
26 Sep 2014 Anonymous R500 -
07 Nov 2014Lionel TaylorR2400Go for it Nic!
21 Nov 2014Jill EcksteinR3000.00
03 Dec 2014Mandy SeccombeR500.00
07 Dec 2014Think Social MediaR500
14 Dec 2014Anne JacksonR250
16 Dec 2014Colin IfflandR192Payment for ticket number 192 in your raffle.
16 Dec 2014Dee & Bill BlackieR2500Very proud of you Nicks x
18 Dec 2014John McInroyR410.00@johnmcinroyNicky! You rock lady! Can't believe having met you at African X we will now be embarking on this journey together! We are really grateful that you are part of us! Macky
19 Dec 2014Dave WaywellR250Wishing you a fantastic journey Nicky...good luck with the training...
19 Dec 2014aMANDAR182
20 Dec 2014C AllesonR321
21 Dec 2014Think Social MediaR500
30 Dec 2014Greg & Glen JensenR505Good Luck!!
09 Jan 2015TyronR340@TyronBarnardUnogwaja Light Fund Raffle
09 Jan 2015Dee BlackieR708
14 Jan 2015Malcolm CollinsR274
15 Jan 2015PaulR451
19 Jan 2015Brent CocksR352Ticket 49 & 303
19 Jan 2015Jarrad StevensonR267Best of luck with this tremendous challenge. I'm sure you will enjoy it, but I can quite confidently say that I wouldn't want to be in your shoes :)
20 Jan 2015Audrey HugoR541Good luck to your team and you in particular. I think you are amazing and this is an exceptional effort to raise funds. Cycle safely and good luck with the run :)
21 Jan 2015Steve WilsonR194payment for ticket number 93 & 101
21 Jan 2015J KeeganR452@jjkeegan180 272
22 Jan 2015Deon VermeulenR216.00
27 Jan 2015Think Social MediaR500
28 Jan 2015Nicky EpsteinR361Faffle tickets 47 and 314
29 Jan 2015Nicole GriffithR500
05 Feb 2015Monica childsR1000@GoodiebagSA
07 Feb 2015Adrian JessopR220.00
10 Feb 2015Micaela ChildsR218@micaelachildsWe think you guys are all amazing and inspire us all!We will be following you closely! And wearing our red socks every Friday :)
11 Feb 2015Barbara BellR2000Thinking of you all - can I wear red socks on Fridays?
24 Feb 2015Sally WellbelovedR163
24 Feb 2015NickyR400
24 Feb 2015Rob DoughtyR224
24 Feb 2015Anandi EtsebethR244
26 Feb 2015RaffleR1000.00
27 Feb 2015Think Social MediaR500
01 Mar 2015Wind-O-WashR20000.00
02 Mar 2015Jo DixR500
10 Mar 2015Nicky EcksteinR195
10 Mar 2015DavidR1167
20 Mar 2015Anthea VosR5000Good luck with the ride and run
23 Mar 2015Janina BlomerusR897
23 Mar 2015Tina van ZylR674
29 Mar 2015John KotzeR2500.00
14 Apr 2015SUE BURNSR278
16 Apr 2015Dudley TomlinsonR220Raffle tickets
11 May 2015Diana ThomasR1000Best of Luck Nicky. We will be watching...Love Steve & Di
17 May 2015Tanya LagaayR1500Nicky, haven't seen you for years, but guess Facebook friends must account for something. Cannot believe that you would even attempt something like this and I admire you for it. Good luck and vasbyt! Tanya
18 May 2015Think Social MediaR1500
18 May 2015BrendaleenR250
25 May 2015Mrs L SearllR1000.00
31 May 2015Charles & Julie GonsenhauserR500Wishing you all so much luck for today!
03 Jun 2015Ferness MotorsR500