Piet Viljoen

Age: 56
From: Cape Town, South Africa

This is not an event. And we are not event organisers

As I see it, Unogwaja is not something you do for the t-shirt or the medal. it something you do to learn more about yourself and the people around you – those in the team, the support group and in the countryside through which you travel. It’s about discovering who you are, who they are, what we can learn from each other and what we can help each other with.

How do you think you will deal with adversity or things that don’t meet with your expectations?

I have done long distance endurance events where plans are what you do before the race. Often, these plans have no bearing on what actually happens during the race. Then, you just play the cards you are dealt, and make the best of it.

I have also built a business from scratch – and here I have faced many successes and more than one failure. The failures have taught me much more than the successes. Dealing with failure tends to build character, and makes you stronger,more prepared to deal with whatever life might throw at you. Importantly, it makes you realise that nothing and no-one is perfect.

Why I’m ready for The Unogwaja Challenge 2017:

Over the past 18 months, i have completed the TransBaviaans MTB race (240km in 12 hours), a full IM and the Two Oceans marathon. I have also done numerous shorter distance triathlons, runs and bike races.

I have also done a few “Change a Life” charity cycle tours, which are cycling events, that take place annually in different places in the country. The distance is normally around 600km in 4 days, and are team based rides, not races, and stronger members help weaker members. Everyone finishes together. This is probably my favourite event of the year.


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13 Sep 2016 Anonymous R100 -
07 Dec 2016R1000Application Donation
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10 Mar 2017pietR1000
28 Mar 2017Amanda BlochR1800
13 Apr 2017Paul DuncanR1000Good luck old boy
28 Apr 2017Mergan NaidooR1000
28 Apr 2017Nic AndrewR1000Amazing initiative - good luck Piet and whoel Unogwaja team
02 May 2017Guy SimpsonR1000good luck!
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02 May 2017 Anonymous R1000 -
03 May 2017Leon LamprechtR500
03 May 2017DAVID COHENR1000what a great charity to be supporting. Best of luck for the 11 days !!!!
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10 May 2017dickR1000go Piet go!!
11 May 2017Charles PettitR10005
13 May 2017Jeff & Liz CohenR750Good luck for this insanely brave adventure
14 May 2017Dean SchweizerR1000Good luck Piet..... you have got this.
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25 May 2017T.RossiniR5000
29 May 2017Robert Vogel R1000@TableMTBFor Piet Viljoen.
30 May 2017Shoaib B.R1000
01 Jun 2017WiseyR420A donation from an incredible family. This is nearly R5,000 split evenly between you all. It is important to split this amount evenly between each of you, because each of you as a team have inspired this donation. The family donating are Rich and Kylie and their two daughters from Australia, they have avidly followed the story of Unogwaja over the last three years and given over R25,000 to date. It is a testament to Unogwaja 2017's ability to inspire. Keep charging legends!!
02 Jun 2017Nic WoolawayR1000
02 Jun 2017Ascendis HealthR5000Dear Piet - a great initiative - I hope you are well and Sunday will be "a walk in the park" Karsten
12 Jun 2017R12500Art Piece Auction