Steven Iffland

Age: 34
From: Surrey, United Kingdom
What does shoOops! mean to you?
ShoOops is such a happy word. I think it conveys the South African roots of this movement and challenge. At the same time these Red Socks are uniting the world through a message of heart, togetherness, happiness and hope! I just love the original story John tells of the war veteran wearing Red Socks to remember his comrades. It resonates so strongly with me as I live a long way from family and friends.

After Unogwaja 2015 is over how would you like to be remembered by your teammates?
I think I would like to be remembered simply as a guy who cared. Not only for my fellow team mates but also for the legacy of Unogwaja and the charities we will support. On the 1st June 2015 I hope to travel back home to London knowing that I gave it my all. I hope to have 24 great new mates from around the world. All with different stories. All with different backgrounds. All with different dreams. But importantly, united by the difference we made during Unogwaja 2015.

Date Donated By Amount Twitter Account Comment
08 Aug 2014Steven IfflandR1000.00
23 Oct 2014Me!R500Because I just watched this and I'm pumped!
11 Nov 2014Anonymous (MyDonate)R1620.42
15 Nov 2014Steven Iffland (MyDonate)R4321.13
01 Dec 2014Nicole Parfitt (MyDonate)R5000.00Steve our Captain!!! As I can't be on the ride with you in person please know I'll be there in spirit, I could not think of a better person to lead this team. Love Nics, ShoOops!!!
12 Dec 2014Steven Iffland (MyDonate)R15846.89
01 Jan 2015Frances (MyDonate)R2186.14Our heart is as big as this challenge. I am in awe of all you do. Best of luck. Hope you are not planning on topping this in 2016!
01 Jan 2015 Anonymous R3060.60 -
02 Jan 2015Stu, Emma and family (MyDonate)R1090.45Enjoy you mad man!
04 Jan 2015Harriet and Darren (MyDonate)R1748.91Way to go Steven, what a fantastic thing you're doing
05 Jan 2015Pete, Emma, Mia and Lila (MyDonate)R874.46Good Luck, you crazy fool! Love Pete, Emma, Mia and Lila xxx
13 Jan 2015Donovan Duffey (MyDonate)R2197.75Enjoy & vasbyt! What an experience it'll be. See you on the down run 2016 ;-)
15 Jan 2015Si and Ness (MyDonate)R2201.40Good luck with your amazing journey!
30 Jan 2015Everyone at SW Mitchell Capital (MyDonate)R10903.42All the best. Looks like a great cause
26 Feb 2015 Anonymous R60000.00 - A number of generous people (all of whom wish to remain anonymous) have contributed to this donation. It is the culmination of storytelling, believing, hoping and red tape bashing! The size of the donation is incredible. However, it is the trust that this money will be used effectively that means the most. Thank you!
01 Mar 2015Colin and Cath IfflandR5000@stevenifflandGood luck Steve. So proud of what you do for the little people. Mom and Dad.
18 Mar 2015 Anonymous R500 -
09 Apr 2015Andrew Lane (MyDonate)R1096.88Good luck, Steve. Great to hear about it on Tuesday
09 Apr 2015Andrew A (MyDonate)R438.75Best of luck Steve on your incredible journey.
15 Apr 2015Michelle Rowly (MyDonate)R438.75Great talk last Tuesday, very inspiring. Good luck!
22 Apr 2015 Anonymous R1088.10 - Good luck Steve, great initiative
22 Apr 2015Barbara HicklingR2000Best of luck everyone - we are in awe!
30 Apr 2015Skil (MyDonate)R5484.38I'll be glued to the laptop for a week - wish I could be there with you! Good luck big brother
07 May 2015Snooksy (MyDonate)R658.13Good Luck Steve!!!!! I think you are doing something trly amazing!! Looking forward to hearing all about it!
08 May 2015Paul BenderR500
08 May 2015Peter Yazbeck R250
11 May 2015The CarsonsR500
11 May 2015Ingrid and Dave (MyDonate)R658.13We really enjoyed your talk on Tuesday Steve and look forward to hearing from you once you've completed the duathlon. All the very best, hope it's not too hot.
11 May 2015Michael Owen (MyDonate)R658.13All the best. I'll be with you in spirit. With my feet up. Sipping a cold beer. Wondering how you're feeling.... ;-) Seriously, well done indeed and seems a really worth cause. Good luck!
11 May 2015John Bellamy (MyDonate)R2193.75Good Luck Steve
11 May 2015Mr & Mrs Gilroy Scott (MyDonate)R1096.88Good Luck Steve
13 May 2015Gleeson (MyDonate)R438.75Best of luck Steve I wish you the very best. I am sure you'll smash it. An excellent cause and let's catch up upon your return
15 May 2015Jason (MyDonate)R438.75Best of luck Steve
19 May 2015Hugh Grootenhuis (MyDonate)R1096.88
20 May 2015SRobsR1000Go for it Steve.
20 May 2015Lize-Maré Markgraaff R200@ lmcoomans
22 May 2015Greg and Laura Currie (MyDonate)R1096.55
25 May 2015Vanessa Holt (MyDonate)R1096.55
28 May 2015Kelly Baker (MyDonate)R1096.55
29 May 2015Mike Pocock (MyDonate)R438.75
29 May 2015Liz Wild (MyDonate)R2193.75
31 May 2015Lissa Ruocco (MyDonate)R658.13
31 May 2015Shamdasani Family (MyDonate)R658.13
31 May 2015CParkinR250
01 Jun 2015Hilary Ivory (MyDonate)R1096.55
01 Jun 2015Barbara Flanagan-Smith (MyDonate)R877.50
01 Jun 2015Waverton Investment Management (MyDonate)R17550.00
04 Jun 2015VariousR1900Gerald & Karen Roberts R1,000 William (Bailers) R200 Sean Lakey R300 JCC Handeer R100 Val & Eric R300
04 Jun 2015John Anderson (MyDonate)R10968.75
05 Jun 2015David Chaplin (MyDonate)R2193.75
15 Jun 2015Charlie & Collette (MyDonate)R877.50Congrats Steve, Colette and I are so chuffed for you, what an amazing achievement my friend and for such a wonderful cause
15 Jun 2015Wayne & Phils (MyDonate)R1775.00Well done Steve!!!!