Founding Statement 2011-2017

Founding Statement

To ensure the event “grows” within the spirit of how it began. It is not a “race” from Cape Town to Pietermaritzburg, it is a journey of inspiration, fun and togetherness born out of one man’s determination and spirit to follow his heart and participate in the Comrades Marathon. The Unogwaja Challenge commemorates Phil Masterton-Smith’s feat of 1933 by establishing a unique biathlon in South Africa where participants cycle from Cape Town to Pietermaritzburg in ten days and then run the Comrades Marathon the next day with a significant emphasis on raising funds for chosen charities.

Unogwaja’s Mission and Model 2018 and beyond

In order to craft Unogwaja into an organization that can truly realize the aspirations of social change in South Africa and the world, it is necessary at times to take a status check and listen to the voices of stakeholders and community members. Between January 25, 2018 and February 3, 2018 Warren Chalklen, Unogwaja’s Executive Director, engaged in brainstorming sessions, conducted one-on-one interviews and released an online survey with alumni, staff, community members and an array of important Unogwaja stakeholders. The central thrust of these engagements involved thanking and honoring the community, and also asking their advice on how they believe Unogwaja should identify itself and how it should operate moving forward. The results of the engagement help us not only see where we are, but also illuminate important areas of growth.

The final report, including the survey can be found here: Unogwaja Mission Report February 13 2018

What is our mission?


What is our model?

What is our strategy?