SiyaKhula Langa

The Unogwaja Langa Projects were started in 2016 by Mechi Artigue and Colleen Hodge in attempt to address the many challenges faced in Langa. The projects aim to impact not only the children’s lives, but the greater community of Langa. It is our hope that this project will become a blueprint to roll out in other communities throughout the country! This year we are so proud that they have now named their project SiyaKhula Langa. You can visit their beautiful website for more info here.

Programmes in Langa 


  • Provide training to caregivers, tutors, teachers and anyone in charge of children, on how to stimulate young children in literacy, maths and language development. 
  • We believe that the mother tongue plays a very important role in the children’s development in the early years as well as the fundamental role caregivers have in stimulating learning before children go to school. 
  • Provide support in English as an additional language at pre-school and school level for student and teachers. 
  • Provide study sessions after school hours to support work done at schools by helping the children do their homework, maths, prepare for tests and exams and guiding them in their learning in a more personalised way.
  • Train people from the community to tutor and be involved in the programs. 

ESL Programme (English as a second language) at Pre-school level. 

  • We introduce English as an additional language in a fun, caring way, paving the way for the integration of English at primary school.  
  • Small group of children at a time. 
  • Lesson plans are aligned with the school and grade RR/R curriculum.  
  • Lessons are tailor made with activities and worksheets that stimulate children in various ways.  

Ready Steady Read and Write (Wordworks): We run a reading and writing program to prepare students for the language transition in Gr4.  

  • The goal of this program is to provide support in the home language (Grade R and grade 1) and first additional language (Grade 2 and Grade 3) and to strengthen learner’s language and early reading and writing skills.  
  • One tutor works with 2 children for 1 hour.  
  • Four steps in the lesson: talk, read, write and play (learn sounds).

Every Word Counts (Wordworks): We run workshops to share information about early literacy and show caregivers how to stimulate children from an early age. 

  • How to stimulate children 0-5 years old to give them a head start at school. (Early stimulation by caregivers as opposed to waiting for teachers to do so in primary school.) 
  • How to expand children’s vocabulary in everyday situations, how to read to children and create a love for books, what are math concepts at that age and how to talk math, how to stimulate children through play and singing.  
  • Lesson on how to make inexpensive toys and books with recycled materials. 

Study Sessions: We offer a holistic approach for the children from the community, especially the hockey and rugby players from VUSA and The Langa Hockey Club, in education and sports.  

  • Support children with their school homework, projects and to prepare for tests/exams.  
  • Math tutor. 
  • Holiday programs: sewing, cooking, hikes, etc.  
  • Safe space to learn through interesting activities and play. 
  • Board games, art and team building activities. 

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