The Unogwaja Charitable Trust Formed and Team Unogwaja 2016 Announced

The Trust Deeds for the proposed Unogwaja Charitable Trust have officially been lodged and await confirmation from the Master of the High Court.

“I would like to thank Adams & Adams for their incredible belief and dedication in forming the Trust. It is a huge boost for us to have such a forward thinking and influential law firm as part of our team as a result of a relationship built over many years,” says John McInroy, founder of Unogwaja.

“Over the past five years the potential of Unogwaja and the subsequent responsibility in being able to make a real impact in South Africa has become clear. We believe our ability to make this impact is maximised in the form of a Charitable Trust, which will enable us to take some significant steps forward in the future,” adds McInroy.

The first board of trustees consist of John McInroy, Founder of Unogwaja, Lorenzo Davids, CEO of Community Chest Western Cape and Keith Richardson, Principal of Wynberg Boys’ High School.

“One of our most critical jobs is to build the right team from the ground up that is capable of maximising the potential of this important mission and are happy to announce that we have made our first full time appointment with Jean Wilke who will be coming on board as the Unogwaja Office Manager from the 1st of January 2016,” says McInroy.

Jean Wilke has been part of Unogwaja from the outset, and has previously worked alongside John McInroy in a part time capacity before she was called to the Bar. She is now an Advocate of the High Court of South Africa and is currently a lecturer in the Law School at the University of Cape Town which will run its course until the end of the year before she joins Unogwaja full time. Jean believes that her desire to impact South Africa can be best served and realised as part of Unogwaja.

The Unogwaja story will continue after receiving incredible applications for Unogwaja 2016 representing five out of the six continents and from across South Africa.

Below is a list of the 12 individuals who will make up the sixth Unogwaja team and will bring the total Unogwaja representatives to 44 over 10 countries since the first Unogwaja challenge in 2011.

  • Chris Adams, lives in College Station, USA. Nationality: American
  • Dale Bannatyne, lives in Witbank, South Africa. Nationality: South African
  • Aline Carvalho, lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Nationality: Brazilian
  • Amanda Cromhout, lives Cape Town, South Africa. Nationality: British
  • Greg Dove, lives in Camberley, England. Nationality: South African
  • Peter Grunow, lives on a boat in the Mediterranean Sea. Nationality: South African
  • Nathaniel Mabetwa, lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. Nationality: South African
  • Cecilia Farias Marchant, lives in Hamburg, Germany. Nationality: German
  • Andrea Moritz, lives in Ottawa, Canada. Nationality: Canadian
  • Miguel Netto, lives in Cape Town, South Africa. Nationality: South African
  • Guinivere Rogers, lives in Cape Town, South Africa. Nationality: South African
  • Craig Wiseman, lives in Perth, Australia. Nationality: Australian

Non-travelling reserves who will join the sixth Unogwaja team are Donovan Will, lives in Durban. Nationality: South African, Ian Martincich, lives in Cape Town. Nationality: South African and John McInroy, lives in Cape Town. Nationality: South African

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