Fundraising target doubles & South Africa Olympic hero to cut the ribbon for Unogwaja 2014

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Late on Friday evening (South African time) the fund-raising total for Unogwaja 2014 clicked over into 7 figures – yes, R1million – a target that once seemed many a mile away. It’s almost as if there is a force field of positive energy and good will around this journey that is simply gathering strength by the day and no better day than a friday to express itself with so many people around the world wearing red socks together.

This is a collective effort of the highest order that started back in 2011 when the first Unogwaja took place out of nowhere and managed to raise not much more than R50,000. The miracle then was the event even happened at all, as there were many challenges and obstacles to overcome.

Thanks to so many people and their unstinting support and belief in what this event can become, Unogwaja Challenge partnered by Hollard Insurance in just its 4th year of being is becoming a world renowned journey and one that is making a material impact on many people.

The final countdown to the 2014 edition has begun! A mere 2 days remain before Unogwaja 2014 pedals off from what has become their Cape Town home at the Southern Sun Waterfront. Jeff Rosenberg, Hotel GM recalls the moment John McInroy first walked through his door and told him about Unogwaja:

“At the request of Noelene Kotschan, I had agreed to offer complimentary accommodation to 4 guys, 1 girl and their support crew for the night before they were cycling to Durban in 10 days and then running the Comrades on the 11 th day. I agreed to this without any hesitation , due to the fact that we assisted Noelene and Pink Drive on numerous occasions in the past, and this challenge really seemed quite ridiculous!

Little did I know at the time, that this was going to lead to a wonderful friendship with one of the most enthusiastic and passionate individuals that I have ever met ! When John says , “ Wherever you go, go with your heart “ – not only does he truly believe in this , but he LIVES this every day of his life.

We are very honoured and privileged to be involved in and assisting with The Unogwaja Challenge  in some small way, as they live their dream and follow their hearts on their way to raising well over R1 Million for these very needy charities of the Amabeadibeadi”

Nerves, excitement and passion are running high as teammates watch the clock during their last days of preparation. News of Elana Meyer’s presence at the team’s final team function as well as part of the official send off proceedings in the early hours of Thursday 22nd May is sure to buoy them on further, along with the 100 other riders who are set to escort them to Franschhoek. Elana Meyer and John McInroy have a great deal in common, the Olympic silver medalist from Barcelona explains:

“I feel privileged to be invited to cut the ribbon for  the 2014 Unogwaja Journey to Durban. I salute and congratulate all of you that have embarked on this journey of inspiration, fun and togetherness – born out  of one man’s determination and spirit to follow his heart and participate in the Comrades Marathon. The last bit of the journey will be an ultimate test of physical and mental strength and want to wish all the  participants an extraordinary journey may you all be blessed & have a safe tour. Congratulations on already achieving a huge milestone and raising more 1 million Rand for charity”

McInroy recalls watching Meyer on TV win Silver at the Barcelona Olympics when he was a 10 year old living in England. “Now to be supporting each other in the country of my birth is very special to me. She is a very special and down to earth person”

You too can be part of this great journey of the heart by:

Joining them for the official send off on day 1 at Tsogo Sun Southern Sun Waterfront, Cape Town at 4am. There are even a few places left if you wish to cycle with the team. Tickets via All proceeds towards Unogwaja charity campaign.

Follow the team every step and pedal of the way thanks to our navigational partners Tom Tom SA  & Tracker SA

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You can donate towards any one of the 6 charities or make a general donation that will be shared 6 ways via Quicket:

Team Unogwaja 2014 has set themselves a new charity fund-raising target of R2million by the end of their journey.

Don’t bet against it!

After all dreams CAN fly!

Join them. Be part of the dream and inspired by the inexhaustible spirit of this incredible team.

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