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We started at 11am on Friday 29th March from the Lighthouse at Cape Point, along the Puffer Route over Table Mountain via Maclear’s Beacon to the bottom of Platteklip Gorge. From Platteklip Gorge we made our way back along the Contour path to Newlands. We got back to my house at 235am, 15hours35mins and 70km later according to the one Garmin we had between us. The Two Oceans 56km Ultra Marathon started at 630am on Saturday 30th March. 6 of us started the journey of which 4 completed the entire journey finishing the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon in less than 7 hours, over 10 more people joined along the way, several people supported us throughout the day and night and the total journey time from start to finish was 26,5hours

The above paragraph, although relatively informative in terms of statistics of Lettie Run 2013, tells very little about another life-changing journey with an incredible group of people. The running almost seems incidental.
Lettie Run is inspired by Lettie Haynes pictured below with her husband Zoog during the 100mile boob run which most of us took part in and where many of us met for the first time. Last year, Lettie went through a tough battle with breast cancer which she seems to have won. But she could not have done it on her own and I think this photo belows captures the essence of what inspired us to do Lettie Run and what enabled Lettie to get through and beat off a really nasty illness that infects women all over the world. Lettie and Charles went far. Together.

So now you know where we get “Going Far. Together”. This sums up the spirit of Lettie Run, the spirit in which two very special friends of ours, tackled a really tough and awful thing together. It’s amazing how far a sense of humour, a shared smile and a truck load of love and dignity will take you. This is Lettie Run.

11am start at The Lighthouse, Cape Point. Japanese tourists snapping away at their cameras, the team dressed up in outfits more akin to a Gay Parade and mimicking my “Runner’s World” stretch (see below) which I have been quite rightly ragged for! I mean who does that?! (Runner’s World not only didnt use a photo in my red socks but also made me look like a shirtless poser in their mag!?)

Gathering troops as we ran. Was epic. Like Forrest Gump! Check the 3 kids who joined us (we gave them red socks as long as their entire bodies!), Chantel “Hot Pants” Nienaber who came from her 2 Oceans Trail Run 2nd place finish in the morning, Charlie Luck arrived from Plett and started running the moment she arrived, Muddy Mark flew in from Joburg, Skinny Cappuccino arrived from a 2day road trip on his own from Durban, Graeme Trautmann (our trail guide) and a few other locals joined for the trail section.

Thanks to The Brundle who initiated this rule, Every FH (Fire Hydrant) painted on the road meant “Free Hug” and everyone piled in to get in on the action! Was pretty sweaty in there but reminded us regularly not to take ourselves or the run too seriously!! And I am sure provided some form of entertainment to any passer byers who happen to stumble across one of our FHs!

The Seconding CHAMPIONS. THESE are the people that truly show the essence of Lettie Run, Unogwaja, Boob Run, all the events that we are part of and simply would not happen without people who selflessly give far more of themselves than you can ever imagine, and you will ever see from a normal “paid” job. Where there is heart, incredible things happen. This is why Ronnie top left was taking his time to pick our pastries (and maybe his) at midnight on Friday before we came off the mountain, why Jamo wore his socks and slops (top right) and later even his ETANA daredevil speedo (bottom right) and not only this made event stickers for his car, why Stanley le Brun (top right, white cap), Brundle’s old man wanted to give up his entire public holiday day and night to support his special son and be part of this team effort, why Bryony (who’s boyfriend couldn’t take part this time) made nothing seem like too much trouble all the way to the very end and why Lettie (bottom left in red beanie) flew down with Zoog from Durban to give her support and inspiration as the person who has brought us all together and even Guy and June’s son, Declan (aka “Tour baby) shared part of the journey with us (middle bottom). I have goosebumps. We salute you all. And not just these guys mentioned. There were more people who chipped in, in various ways throughout the journey. Big or small it was felt and it made a difference to us.

You can get a sense for the journey and the epic spirit we shared along the way. As well as the incredible surroundings of the Table Mountain National Parks and Sanparks who showed us real support in making this journey happen. Special thanks to Nicole, Vanessa and Gavin. You have enabled something truly magical that will live in us forever and hopefully will inspire us and many more people to do many more great things. Lettie Run 2014 being one!!

You can make out Traut and the Brundle there on top of Maclear’s Beacon in the mist and bitterly cold wind at midnight on Friday. We still had a way to go to get down via Platteklip Gorge and then the run around the mountain into Newlands. We sang Traut Happy Birthday (for Sunday) and kept going!! Either that or freeze to death on top of the Mountain! Pretty simple choice!

This is Doylie, myself, The Brundle & Guy at the finish line of Oceans moments after we watched The Brundle get across the line a few minutes before the cut off! The 4 who started, finished! I will never forget that moment The Brundle crossed the line and the raw emotion he showed. It will always remind me that truly anything is possible when you got heart and a smile no matter how tough it gets. Lettie and Charles are testament to this.

This is in us all.

We decided to support Pink Drive for Lettie Run 2013. A charity I have worked alongside since 2011 when the 1st Unogwaja Challenge (www.unogwajachallenge.com) came into being. Noelene and her team were instrumental in helping this dream become a reality. I am proud to be supporting them and the incredible work that they do for ladies fighting the battle with breast cancer all over SA. Noelene (founder of Pink Drive) also gave Guy and I a much needed croissant and a hug at Hout Bay (approx 36km mark) So we think she rocks! 😉


You can also watch a short video of the Lettie Run experience through Graeme Trautmann’s eyes, a man who took the responsibility to lead this rabble through the mountain. Graeme – we will follow you any day bru. shoOops! 😉

Lettie Run 2013 video by Graeme Trautmann

One final “Runner’s World” stretch for good measure to finish how we started. Smiling!

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