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Last year represented the unofficial birth of the Red Love Train, which was a term team Unogwaja became known as, for the amount of fun, positivity and love that exuded from the group during what was one of the toughest Comrades with one of the highest dropout rates in living memory.

In 2014, history will be made as we are officially making it possible for any Comrades Marathon runner to join in this vibe from start to finish and be part of a unique team experience. Not only can anyone join us on the start line (in CC batch) but thanks to Tsogo Sun and our team hotel in Durban, The Garden Court Marine Parade you can also stay with, eat with and travel as part of the team at a preferential rate only available to Red Love Train members. Comrades Marathon Association is also opening up a special Tsogo Sun Red Love Train registration area alongside the elite athletes to further support this initiative.

New Balance South Africa is also behind the Red Love Train offering all members a 20% discount at any New Balance outlet in South Africa in the build up to Comrades 2014.

All you have got to do is join and commit to raising a minimum of R5,000 for one of the 6 Amabeadibeadi Charities which we aim to raise R1million together for this year.

Make history with us.

Join us.

This is the Red Love Train designed by Richard Clark, Freelance 3D animator and member of team Unogwaja and Red Love Train 2013. Thank you Rich for throwing your heart and skill into this campaign!

If you can’t join us. I am sure you know someone who would love to.

Click here to JOIN THE RED LOVE TRAIN 2014.

Thank you Comrades Marathon Association, New Balance SA, Tsogo Sun (namely the Garden Court Marine Parade, Durban Beachfront) in particular for your incredible support in making this possible!

History is in the making!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


John McInroy
Unogwaja Challenge


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