The Red Love Train Keeps Steaming Forward

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When facing the Comrades Marathon, the Ultimate Human Race, every bit of support will help in conquering the beast. The Comrades has the ability to test the body, the mind and the heart. It is in the face of this test that we have seen the true strength of the Red Love Train. Inspired by fellow red sockers on the road, along the road and in the heart, the Red Love Train has given runners a new dimension to taking on the Worlds toughest race.

2014 Red Love Train Member Zissy Lewin shared her thoughts on what it means to run with the Red Love Train: “Being a part of the Red Love Train was not only about Comrades Day but about the months leading up to it. Red Love Train members became a huge support group who were easily spotted at races and willing to dole out training advice. Being a part of such a special group made Comrades that much more special. Between red sockers on the road and the redsocker supporters on the side-lines, there was barely a km that wasn’t filled with encouragement, support and laughter!”

And with the 2015 Red Love Train now open for entry, the sea of red socks promises to be fuller and more spirited than in its inaugural running in 2014. The Unogwaja Challenge Cyclists and support crew that are running Comrades will also feature in the Red Love Train once again, so you will be a part of their mammoth journey from Cape Town to Comrades finish line. One thing is for sure the Red Love Train will not just be part of your 2015 Comrades Run, but it will be part of your life, long before the race and obviously long after.

As a Red Love Train member, you commit to raising a minimum of R5000. All information is available on our website

Of course the Red Love Train is not just about running the whole race together physically, but about the journey as a whole. So whether you are smashing a personal best of sub 8 hours or you are crawling in at 11:59, you can play an epic part in the team, a part in the journey and a part in history.

In the words so often heard on the Unogwaja Challenge, “Where we go one, we go all”

If you would like to join the Red Love Train for 2015, here is all the info you need:

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