Unogwaja 2015 Team Announcement

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The Unogwaja flame and the legacy of Phil Masterton-Smith is shining brightly today.

People based all over the world from Rio de Janeiro to Florida, Cape Town to Pretoria, London all the way down under to Perth have been brought together to carry this special story forward. In a live public announcement on Ballz Radio today the following people have been chosen to represent Unogwaja 2015:

1. Nato Amaral, Brazil
2. Dave Bellairs, South Africa
3. Nicky Eckstein, South Africa
4. Martin Hewlett, England
5. Steven Iffland, South Africa
6. Rodrigo Joao, Brazil
7. Marcel Joubert, South Africa
8. Alessandro Muknicka, Brazil / USA
9. Miguel Netto, South Africa
10. Nicole Parfitt, South Africa
11. Tarryn Povey, South Africa
12. Craig Wiseman, Australia / South Africa

Non travelling reserves:

13. Gary Bannatyne, South Africa
14. Peter Grunow, South Africa

Some interesting facts about the team:

–  Age range of team members from 28 to 52 years.
–  Average age is 38,9 years which will be the most experienced team in Unogwaja history.
–  Dave Bellairs and Marcel Joubert share the same birthday, two years apart.
–  Brazil will become the 2nd most Unogwaja represented country after South Africa.

The team will congregate on Wednesday 20th May 2015 for the first time as a full group at Unogwaja hotel, Southern Sun Waterfront, Cape Town. In the early hours of Thursday 21st May 2015 they will make their way across South Africa on bikes to Pietermaritzburg in 10 days to participate in the 90th Comrades Marathon on Sunday 31st May 2015.

Unogwaja would like to salute all those people who have given so much during the intimate application and interview process which preceded this announcement. Your courage and commitment is nothing short of incredible, and is what makes this journey so special to us all.

To the Unogwaja team of 2015, we all wish you well on this journey you have embarked on and remind you that you have well and truly taken your first step of more than just a 1,000 mile journey.

Further details pertaining to the 2015 journey, specifically regarding charity information and campaign, as well as support crew announcement will be released over the next few weeks.

Any questions, queries, requests for interviews to be directed to

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