Unogwaja Challenge 2015 – The journey begins

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Thursday 21st May – Sunday 31st May 2015

Before completing your application here are some key points to assist you:

The format of Challenge to remain the same as for 2014 (This means 12 Unogwajas with a support crew of 12 or 13 giving a total travelling party of 24/25)


  1. R1,000 to Community Chest to be submitted with application. Failure to do so will deem your entry null and void.
  2. On invitation to join Unogwaja 2015 successful applicants will pay R10,000 entry fee per person as per 2014. (NOTE: This is NON REFUNDABLE) (This includes all team kit for their entire journey and food/lodging from start to finish et al)
  3. Each Unogwaja will commit in writing to raising a minimum of R50,000 towards the Unogwaja charity mission. This is your individual honour & pledge to Unogwaja.



  1. The charity component has been raised to R50,000 for 2015 but we expect every Unogwaja to attempt to raise well in excess of the minimum. If we are to reach our charity aim of R2million for 2015 we are going to need this.
  2. We will allocate “mentors” to each Unogwaja both from an overall journey perspective (Alumni) and also people to specifically assist with fundraising and all matters relating to that.
  3. Successful applicants will sign indemnities that they enter at “their own risk”



  1. Friday 4th July: Applications Open
  2. Friday 8th August: Application Window Closes
  3. Friday 22nd August: Short list announced
  4. Friday 22nd August – Friday 5th September: Interview process
  5. Friday 12th September: Team Unogwaja 2015 Announced. Plus “active” non travelling reserves.
  6. Friday 26th September: R10,000 entry fee paid (NON REFUNDABLE) plus signed indemnity and written commitment/honour to raise the minimum amount for charity.
  7. Friday 27th February: R25,000 charity target reached per Unogwaja
  8. Friday 15th May: R50,000 charity target reached per Unogwaja.

Unogwaja Challenge reserves the right to review team participation at any stage.


  1. Full Medical Cover/ Travel Insurance and clear procedure in case of emergency.
  2. Own travel arrangements to and from the Challenge. Arrival: Wednesday 20th May at Southern Sun Waterfront. (special rates available for those who wish to arrive earlier) Depart Monday 1st June from Garden Court Marine Parade, Durban Beachfront, KZN.
  3. Visas (if needed)
  4. Bike (for those riding!)
  5. Comrades Qualification (no special dispensation or assistance) (for those running!)

Selection Committee: George Eadie, John McInroy, Chris McInroy and selected Unogwaja alumni.

The above is meant to provide a good guideline. FULL DETAILS WILL FOLLOW POST SELECTION ANNOUNCEMENT.


There is nothing more powerful than the heart of a volunteer and Unogwaja has been a first hand example of this magic. The support crew selection is equally as important, if not “more important” than the 12 Unogwajas themselves.

It is not about 12 Unogwajas or the support crew, it is about one group of people working towards the same goal together.

Each support crew member will be asked to commit a minimum R5,000 contribution to the charity drive.

Skills that are essential to our journey:

  1. Physio
  2. Medics
  3. Bike mechanic
  4. Photographer
  5. Social media specialist/ blogger/media liaison
  6. Driving for long periods at slow pace! (full licence essential)
  7. Able to do “mass laundry.” (Knack of pairing up red socks ;))

Skills will be a key factor in selecting the support crew, however, they must be complemented by a huge heart and enthusiasm to be part of the journey.



This journey is about following your heart and remember there is no such thing as failure if you do. Well done to everyone brave enough to put it out there and regardless of this particular outcome a journey of a lifetime awaits.

“A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step”

“Wherever you go, go with your heart”

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