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The core and purpose of Unogwaja is represented by the Unogwaja Light Fund and the legacy it is hoping to create and foster in South Africa.

It is founded in the belief that solutions lie within the actions of each one of us and that any support cannot take away this responsibility but rather must reinforce and enable it, which allows for genuine and lasting empowerment and change to be made.

Unogwaja Light Fund has recognised its first two Lights – Vukusebenze (meaning “wake up and work” in Xhosa) Shelter in Cradock and Lebone (meaning “Light” in Sotho) Village in Bloemfontein, which are operated firmly within this ethos and have proved this over time, empowering many people to further their own lives and share their knowledge and skill with their family and community.

We will support these two organisations on a transparent project by project basis each year, where these projects will be reviewed on how much they are achieving their objective of empowerment and not dependency.

Over time, we want to recognise and support Lights all over South Africa.

For more info about the Light Fund and the 2015 fundraising campaign, visit:

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We would like to thank The Community Chest of the Western Cape for their assistance in setting up the Light Fund.

Invest in South Africa. Help more people to help themselves.

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