Unogwaja to focus on Primary Education

Written by John McInroy

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The Unogwaja Charitable Trust has taken a meaningful step forward by announcing its commitment to support children at Primary School level in South Africa.

The Trust’s first official partnership in this regard will be with Umsilinga Primary School in Ezinketheni just outside Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu Natal.

“By collaborating closely with various partners, including the Pietermaritzburg Community Chest with whom Unogwaja has worked with for many years, we have set about to support the great courage and resilience that exists within this school and community, by helping to create a more conducive environment for learning to take place,” says John McInroy, founder of the Unogwaja Charitable Trust.

“We believe that we can make the most significant impact by focusing on the sustainable development of Primary School learners, especially when working with and adding momentum to the efforts of the various individuals and organisations, including government that work hard to support schools like Umsilinga Primary.”

This short film explains the circumstances and needs of Umsilinga Primary, and the Trust’s intention for the future:

“Education is our bastion of hope. If you truly care for our country and if you truly want to contribute then this is how we can start to change everything,” adds McInroy.

While the Trust’s focus has shifted to Primary School education, John and his team will continue to work alongside Vukusebenze in Cradock and Lebone Village in Bloemfontein. “They are and will always be our first two Unogwaja Lights. Umsilinga Primary School is our third light, and we hope to have hundreds of Unogwaja Lights across our country.”

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