As we head into 2020 we focus on these three words… CHANGE THE STORY

There are many stories we can tell ourselves. We are not good enough. Things will never get better. We cannot change things. These stories become our reality as we allow them to shape our outlook and unconsciously shape the world negatively in doing so. But what if our narrative was different? What if we could, by our words and actions – change the story of our own lives and the lives and futures of others?

We asked a simple question this year when opening applications for the Community Chest Unogwaja Challenge – will you stand up and be counted? Will you be the ones to change the story? We were blessed with exactly the right individuals to do that on our 10th Anniversary in 2020.

We are not only creating a new dawn for the Community Chest Unogwaja Challenge itself – one that is rich with a powerful vision full of possibility, but we are committing to seeing real change in communities through our actions and spreading the message of hope across our beautiful country at a time when we all need it most.

Our selection was based on three simple criteria:

1. Do you have the right heart and motivation?

2. Are you able to fully commit to the next nine months?

3. Are you physically able to complete the cycle from Cape Town to Comrades?

After an intensive process we are pleased to announce that we will have the biggest team in the history of the Challenge, that we believe will reignite this flame to grow our num bers even more in years to come and create a journey of hope that will inspire a nation.

Twenty-five riders have been selected. Qualities they possess include servitude, humility, enthusiasm, passion, good conflict resolution abilities and a fire in their belly to take on any challenge and overcome adversity.

We are also proud to have women running the show this year – two of our team leaders who have been selected are women – and in total we have 11 women joining us. We also have eight Internationals flying their countries flags!

We want to thank our selection committee which included faithful Alumni who took time out of their schedules to help us shape 2020: Andy Steele, Robert Goslett, Tiago Dionisio, Ricardo Almeida, Nato Amaral and Jess Kavonic.

These are the names of our rider team for 2020…

1. From Socorro, Brazil – Ana Paula Dias de Souze Coelho

2. From Cape Town, South Africa – Adele Verwey

3. From Cape Town, South Africa – Anton Neethling

4. From Johannesburg, South Africa – Catherine Hanauer

5. From Cape Town, South Africa – Christine Prokopiak

6. From Cape Town, South Africa – Colin Chaplin

7. From Howick, South Africa – Craig Carolan

8. From Cape Town, South Africa – Deon Scheppel

9. From Cape Town, South Africa – Dinilesizwe Gudlindlu

10. From Brasilia, Brazil – Dionisio Silvestre 

11. From Piraju, Brazil – Felipe Huggler

12. From Hamburg, Germany – Jana Hawran (Was crew in 2017 and 2018)

13. From Cape Town, South Africa – Kate Turner

14. From Cape Town, South Africa – Kirsten Wilkins (Former rider and alumni 2017 – WILL BE A TEAM LEADER)

15. From Cape Town, South Africa – Lee Persse (Former rider and alumni 2018 – WILL BE A TEAM LEADER)

16. From Sao Paulo, Brazil – Marcio Aparecido Barbosa

17. From Somerset West, South Africa – Mark Pickering

18. From Zimbabwe originally living in the UK – Micheen Thornycroft

19. From Durban, South Africa – Mlungisi Wosiyana

20. From Gradignan, France – Quentin Guillion

21. From Cape Town, South Africa – Ross Lutsch

22. From Johannesburg, South Africa – Sipho Marima

23. From South Africa but living in Amsterdam – Stacey Hobson Pilkington

24. From Johannesburg, South Africa – Taryn Opperman

25. From Cape Town, South Africa – Tristan Bergh

Well done to all of the applicants and thank you to everyone who applied!


Our crew announcement will happen in the next two weeks as well so keep an eye out on social media!