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Vukusebenze (meaning “wake up and work” in Xhosa) was established 7 years ago after a needs analysis was carried out in Cradock. Through community led workshops it was noted that there was a great need for a shelter for the large numbers of aged, disabled and jobless Cradock residents who went hunger and were homeless.

Lebone Villiage

Lebone (which means “light” in Sotho) Village’s prime objective is to assist vulnerable and orphaned children affect by HIV/AIDS and their families and to identify children in need so as to provide them with the basic essentials which ensure their development as individual and unique human beings with a healthy sense of his or her own ‘self-worth’.

Please note the following:

It has always been my dream since very early on in this journey to align the special message of Unogwaja with our collective charity vision and mission. This vision can be broadly described under “education” but at its core is the willingness to support, enable and empower those people in our country who have not given up hope and who are already doing their best to make it better for themselves and the people around them, regardless of their circumstances. Anything we do must result in something tangible that will help people to help themselves. In this way those we help do not learn to rely on handouts but hopefully learn to fend and create for themselves and teach others. After all it is their resilience and perseverance that brought us to them in the first place.

Our first two organizations part of and being supported by the Light Fund known as Unogwaja “Lights” are Lebone Village in Bloemfontein and Vukusebenze Homeless Shelter in Cradock.

This year, as we move our focus towards the youth of our country and in particular focusing on primary school education we join forces with Umsilinga Primary School in Ezinketheni just outside Pietermaritzburg. In partnership with The Community Chest of Pietermaritzburg and various other community based organizations on the ground. Over time we hope to bring about real impact and change within the lives of the 1,100 learners that attend this school and be part of an important ongoing journey with them knowing how crucial education is in bridging the inequalities that are present within this community and across our nation.

A maximum of 15% of donations is deducted towards the costs to administer the Unogwaja Light Fund.

On 1 September 2015 the deeds for The Unogwaja Charitable Trust were signed and we are currently going through the process of registering as an Non Profit Organisation (NPO) and Public Benefit Organisation (PBO). Until which point we have all the necessary documentation and structures in place all funds will be administered by Community Chest of Western Cape.

For more information or any questions on “The Unogwaja Light Fund” email us at info@unogwaja.com.

Thank you to all who continue to support our journey. We hope that this vision will help to provide more people with the means to sustain the hope that is ignited by this incredible story that has touched us all.