Lebone (which means “light” in Sotho) Village’s prime objective is to assist vulnerable and orphaned children affect by HIV/AIDS and their families and to identify children in need so as to provide them with the basic essentials which ensure their development as individual and unique human beings with a healthy sense of his or her own ‘self-worth’.

They strive to provide an alternative setting that approximates that of a family when there is no family present and to provide access to education and life skills programme to empower these children.

They provide care, support, social assistance, skills transfer and training to the families from the surrounding disadvantaged community. They also facilitate community based care by transferring skills and training families and volunteers.

On site at Lebone Village they provide a Day Care, a Créche, Pre-school and a training facility for families in the community were they learn skills related to food production and income generation aimed at sustaining the disadvantaged and impoverished in the community surrounding Lebone Village.

Lebone Village, since it was founded in 1999, has grown into an organisation which caters for:

  • 42 children in Care Centre
  • 64 children in Edu-Centre
  • 31 children in Primary School & our afternoon Edu-Centre homework classes
  • 7 children in Senior School & our afternoon Edu-Centre homework classes
  • 64 children in Day Care
  • 32 people in Skills Development Centre
  • 49 families in training programme

Their 5 main focus areas are:

  • Lebone House Care Centre
  • Lebone Edu-Centre
  • Lebone Agricultural Production & Nursery
  • Lebone Skills Development Centre
  • Lebone Training & Counselling Centre

More information about Lebone Village’s and all the work they do can be gained from their website www.lebonevillage.com